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I went into this game totally blind not knowing anything about the plot. I found the game through a post on Twitter and immediately went to go download it because I thought the art was really beautiful. I really thought this was going to be a quirky lighthearted RPG so when the prologue took a dark turn I gasped out loud. I also thought that Charlie was going to be another no-personality silent protagonist so when she started giving sass to everyone I was so surprised! This was a wonderful game and I really look forward to the Kickstarter! 

I just finished the demo and I think I'm in love 😍

This was a really great experience and scratched that tactics rpg itch I've had for a while. The environment art is really well done, especially the cave tileset. I'll admit the only tactics rpg I've invested more than 10 hours into is Fire Emblem so I'm unfamiliar with the mechanics of the Shining Force games. I have a few suggestions that might help with the development of the game for people like me: 

  • Keyboard controls weren't listed in the game so I had to button mash every key to find out how to do basic things. 
  • A dedicated visual tutorial on how combat works should be implemented. I spent the first few battles struggling to understand how to use Prym. I was unaware her real attacks were in the specials menu for the first few battles. 
  • Although I beat the demo I still don't know what exactly happens when units fall. If the countdown reaches 0 then are the units gone permanently?
  • This isn't related to gameplay but I think the dialogue could use some revising. I don't know the personality of any of the main characters. What are their personal motivations? Why are they fighting? What's their relationship with each other? Why is Arnen the main character? Dolvis is literally a random person who just decided to tag along for no reason if I remember correctly lol. 

But with these problems aside, I can't wait to see the finished product! I'm excited to see what next in the story. Keep up the good work!

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I just got a good 4.5 hours into this game! I love it so much, the characters and story are wonderful. Can't wait for the full release!

This game really hit home for me. It's so rare to see representation of my orientation in media, even in small indie creations. Aro/Aces are usually put into the background or set as side characters so it was really nice to see one as the main character. The realization Manami comes to is really accurate to my experience: It's scary and you feel like there's something wrong with you. It makes me happy that Manami has such supportive and good friends though, the ending made me tear up. 

I love that your games cater to people are already familiar with LGBT topics and those who are unfamiliar. The story doesn't treat ignorant people as evil for asking uncomfortable questions or being confused. 

I hope we get to see more of these girls! I don't want this to be the last game in the series (T-T)

Ahhh I absolutely adore this game! It's by far one of the best visual novels I've ever played! Somnia and Remerie were so adorable throughout the story and the game mechanics were really fun. I'm glad the puzzles weren't super difficult, they did stump me a little but I got through them without too much trouble. I'm glad, I was hoping I wouldn't have to use my brain too much ahaha. In the end it said "see you next time", does that mean there will be a part 2?? I really hope so I love this world and I don't want to leave it!

Omg this game looks absolutely incredible, the art is stunning! I've only completed the Golden Deers route and plan to do Black Eagles soon. Is this game spoiler free of that route or should I wait to beat the game?

There's an artist I follow who has a similar style to the game, maybe you could try reaching out to him? His username is Oncha and they're able to pump out artwork extremely  fast:

Just donated $10 on Paypal! I missed the kickstarter deadline so I just decided to go with Paypal

Just finished playing the update! I was really excited to see that Olog was an option because he was my favorite supporting character in Contract Demon. It was a little disappointing the his ending was very corporate-feeling but it is nice to have your sexuality represented in a dating sim lol. Is Olog an aro/ace or is he just asexual? I think a little specification in the story would be nice as many asexuals experience romantic attraction and find kissing/hugging enjoyable. 

Omg so happy to hear! I hope I'm able to get enough money by the end of this week to support you on kickstarter!

Hi I just finished playing the demo today and I really enjoyed! The UI was clear and fit the theme of the story and the art is beautiful. For a small demo it's really polished and clean, I really got a sense of what this game is like (or at least I hope I did and there's no dark twist at the end lol). 

I'm unsure if you're looking for any feedback but there were some parts in the writing that I believe can be improved upon. During Jen's route I think she opened up too much in the beginning. Things were moving incredibly fast and having her talk about her rough past was little awkward considering this was our second time meeting. It would make a lot of sense for Tau and Runia to open up about something dark as they already know who you but for Jen it doesn't make a lot a sense, especially seeing as she doesn't normally open up to strangers like that. I also believe that her design could be tweaked a tad bit to fit the universe more. Her outfit is really cute and unique but seems out of place as she is a store owner. The big fluffy skirt and gloves look like they belong more at a costume party. Her color palette works well though and her character poses gives readers a good understanding of what kind of character she is. 

Despite some flaws in her character, Jen is definitely my favorite out the cast. I look forward to supporting the game on kickstarter :D

Ahh that's awesome! I can't wait to see what Cove's voice sounds like as he gets older.

Holy shit I'm hyped

I'm super interested in buying this game, I love the art and characters already but I would prefer to buy games like these on steam. Do you plan on selling this on steam in the future?

Wow this game was seriously incredible! This is probably one of my favorite visual novels out there. Loved the true ending, it was great.

Fantastic game, I loved everything about it! The gameplay was easy to understand and the levels who so cleverly designed. What really attracted me to this game was the art and the music, that's probably the best thing about it. I also really enjoyed how each world had multiple levels so the game was longer. I managed to beat it in one day and upgrade all my ship parts really easily. I think that was probably the only downside to this game: I wish there was more! If you ever plan to make a Shield Blast 2 I'd recommend adding more levels and implementing achievements/goals so there's something to do after beating the game besides listening to the music on loop haha. Overall, loved the game and I look forward to your future projects!