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This game has awesome potential! I have beat it 4 times now and I can't get enough of it's awesome mechanics. I like seeing my opponent's oddly eyes and the health system was nice with a little twisting mechanic. Everything was amazing in this little game. Great job!

Awesome development story.  And like you said, always make the game how YOU would want it to function. That's (for me) is the golden rule for development (And ofc, adjust it with great feedback from the community ) Then surely, it will turn into a game that you and everyone else here would love to play. Heck, I like it a lot already ;)

Awesome! I'm looking forward for the full version. And I will finally know about this curry :p

Loved the characters in this and the story started of strong and continued strong through out the game. Though, it was very little interaction, it felt more like a comic book that I clicked to turn the page. However, I had a great time with this. Hopes for full release. I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS CURRY!

You NEED to make a longer version of this game! I played this game multiple times. Including downloading this for a client version. Awesome game and glad this one took the winner place! Hats down for you sir

Loved the art style and characters in this. Wished I could make the screen a little bigger, but still enjoyed the game ;)

Now this game. . . Is awesome! Really like the art style of the game and the characters. The music was fantastic and has challenging battle (or rhythm whatever you want to call it :P) This is a game I would gladly to fully play this epic of an game!

This game was so interesting to play. I really like how these developers made this formula for the game and I enjoyed every second of it. When I finished the game and sadly realized that it was just a demo. I made sure to leave a comment to show these developers my appreciation of this amazing work of art. Can't wait to play the full version one day!