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that 3d aspect looks super neat! a really cool way to change things up. 

That's uh, not a katana, closer to a gladius, but it does look cool! 

This is really awesome! Glad there are people like you out there giving live feedback like this. Actually working on a Metroidvania at the moment and this is super helpful stuff. 

Is there a lose condition? Enjoyed this for the meme's regardless, nice work. 

This is a message from the composer in a slightly older post.
"Thank you for your interest, rafman! I never got around to promoting this pack on Twitter  (oops), but yes! Purchasing this pack is akin to purchasing a sync license to use these tracks in a game. :)"

Have you tried something like this?

"This package can be used freely and commercially - CC0(creative commons zero)."

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Really digging the music in this! Was fun exploring the map trying to figure out where to go. But, I do have to agree with DC11111 though in that this could really benefit by having some sound effects (with a few visuals added as well).

Could use something like to generate some in there to add some oomph. Also, having some visual feedback for hits etc. would be nice. For instance, if you hit an enemy with a rocket you get that "KABOOM!" sound effect playing and have something like an explosion animation that plays over it (for game maker studio you can also use particle effects like so: effect_create_above(ef_explosion, x, y, 2, c_red); put this in the destroy event for the obj). Also, there were times when it was hard to tell how I died in the previous run. Having it maybe freeze on the hit and having something like a quick color flash with a "thud" for walls or a "WHACK" for the planes would be a nice tell (Nothing too long but just a second or two to show what happened).

Also, maybe this is just me but I didn't know how you could fire until after reading through the comment section. 

Aside from those smaller items it was fun to fail and figure out where to go. Congrats on finishing and good work!

He stated this in the description: "They are free to use in whatever you want. Credit is not required but appreciated." Should give him credit for his work though if you're planning on using it. 

No, this is basically a game maker studio pre-created project for a dialogue system. But fear not! As RPG maker has one built in already! If you want something outside of the base for that though then i recommend looking up yanfly plugins. 

Looks like you are using GMS 1.x and its trying to call GMS 2.x functions, but (naturally) they don't exist. 

GMS uses its own language called "Game Maker Language" which shares similarities to C based languages (and JS by extension). Though it's not a 1 to 1 deal. For RPGMaker i know that yanfly is typically the way to go for that kind of pre-made stuff.

As stated in the description this is "only for GMS2" and the functions highlighted do not exist. But the good new's is that's your "clue" as to what needs to happen! Break it down line by line and find an alternative method for producing the same result. So for instance if we look at the official documentation for create_array(); [] it states that it just instantiates (prepares) the array before its used by writing "0" there for as many entries as needed. Could hypothetically use something like this to do it:  for (i=0; i < arrLength; i++) { arr[i] = 0; } where arrLength is the numeric value for how many entries you need in the array. put that into a script called "create_array" expecting 1 argument. You may need to play around with this though as i have not had 1.4 loaded onto my pc for a while now but thats the general idea. 

This is insanely good quality for free music!
Easily the best OST I've heard on this site so far. 

Great products! Purchased this and the town set. Question i have is what dimensions are recommended for the characters?