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But why?


Anyone got the control manual for this game? I didn't pay any attention when I first saw it so I kinda have a difficult time playing this T_T

Suggestion! What if in one of the Church mission, scene, or something like that one of of the NPCs or maybe Nika break the fourth wall by telling something like she's been doing really well every time she tried to do something even though it's her first time and wondered if someone or something guided her. The Church already has a mysterious "God" so how about making the said God the player? Maybe make it so that sometimes we lose control of playing as Nika and now controling other NPCs? Just adding the mysterious feeling to it, y'know? There's already magic and all that stuff related to the Church so why not make it a little bit more mystical?

(I haven't gotten even a single ending yet so I'm just saying this because I haven't seen the God yet, did you already added something that reveals the Church's God identity?)

What if we also use the strength stats to make a combo attack by smashing a random letter on the keyboard or maybe not the combo part just make it easier to code, just press a random key and it'll increase the attack by  10 to 20%? Maybe more if you can. Idk about the dexterity but maybe you can use it to increase the chance for the dodging part.

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It's been really bugging me for a while every time I look at the image cover for this update, is the robot arm, eyes, and that katana already in the game or is it just a planned update later in the future?

Also that skill rank, combat rank, and body rank on the opening menu, will that also be added into the game later on? Because as far as I can see there's nothing like that in my character menu.

Is the name easter egg already a thing? If it is I'm gonna start smashing my keyboard and hoping to get it right.

Also, are you currently working on the gameplay mechanics, story, items, or the intro scene? Oh wait...

Suggestion! What if you make the game intro not like a cut scene that you can only watch but also as a playable scene? If you do a certain thing in the intro you'll unlock or get something when you start the game. Maybe a starter supplies, some clothes, weapon, or perhaps even a hidden skills that you can only unlock in the intro? Now THAT is cool.

Suggestion! What if you add a secret idk... things? Maybe after you get all the endings. That allows you to play as a Mutant in Sinathir but not like your character starts off like usual only the apparence is like a Mutant. No no, you play as an original Mutant, not like a transformed one but a pure bred, born and raised in a cave or a forest in Sinathir island. Like a new story with new enemy or perhaps not entirely a new story, you can just make the monster character gain self awareness right when the human character first arrived on Sinathir.  That way you can also choose to befriend or make an enemy out of the human character. You already can play as a human with different talent but what about playing as a monster with different talent? There's already many of survival rpg with human main character but what about a monster? Sure, you maybe need to add or change some scenarios but it would be pretty cool in the end! Just like the others, this is only a suggestion but I kinda hope to be able to play as a different being just to make this game even more special than the other survival rpg game.

Suggestion! What if you add like a description of what effects an item or a food (mostly food) will do before you used it instead of telling you after you used it? I need to always quick save then try the item to know what effect will it do and if its not what I wanted I have to reload the save  again which is kinda annoying if you got like many items that you don't know the effects and have to experiment on it first. It's still bearable though...for now, idk if you'll add like more items to the game and each time you need to do these things over and over again.

Is this game made by using Ren'Py? Because somehow my computer can't run a Ren'Py program so I'm asking first to not wasting my internet data downloading this.


Its A-Okay to play. My pc say that too the first time, but just try to run it and its all good to go

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Eyy I like that idea! More job = more money = more fun!

How about making a casino somewhere later? We can play it for earning money and also for entertainment that increased our mood. Too much money but can't use it to increase mood is weird. You also can only use a certain item to boost your mood once a week. At least make it twice a week maybe?

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Alright, can't wait for that update later. I was wondering tho, how much story progress has you been put into the game for now?

Suggestion! I think the insane kobold inside the underground cave is kinda un-matching to the outside kobold. The one inside looks more like a ratman than a kobold with their lizardman-like character. Maybe look for a kobold sprite but with different color and artstyle than just a completely new sprite? You can also just make the one inside the underground cave a ratman instead of a insane kobold.

Edit: Also the crude crossbow and the simple crossbow have the same weapon look. Changing the color would do the trick maybe?

Alrighty then, I saw something about a new character avatar that looked 3D, really cool to look at. Hope to see the clothes, wounds, and scars on that model too later on!

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Oh ok, I guess that'll do just fine. No need to waste time for some riddles that'll take weeks to complete.

What if you make the achivements as like the name for what bonus/cheats that you got after completing the game? You got a 100 level on pistol and an achivement pops out saying that you'll receive a bonus/cheats after completing the game, whatever that is.

Edit: Make the achivement's name a fun one if you can, maybe a pun or a reference to something? (yea, I edited the post just to add this lol)

Also, can you add something on the pub? It's really empty there and it got so much empty places that you can use to put something. There's always only those two guys who previously sold you the bike and now they're just standing there, can't even interact with them. How about making them playing cards and you can join them to do some gambling? Would be a fun little mini game to earn a few quick money, probably 50/100 silver is enough for a game. But I think that'll be too much to code huh... how about making the gambling about rolling a dice and you gotta pick high or low from a certain point? I think that's the easiest and simplest gambling game (or at least the one that I can think of right now).

Can scars effect the gameplay? Like new dialogue or something? I tried to get some scars but when I tried to talk to some NPCs they just doesn't care. I don't have the scars for the stomach wound tho. It always says that I used too much medkit and need to work or rest to use it again. I only got the scars for face, arm, and leg. Maybe increase the medkit uses a little bit more?

Oh, that's cool. Now I can't wait for the full released game in the future. This game is gonna be a great one for sure.

Suggestion! Can you also add like a hint for how can you get these items instead of just straight up just "???" ? Maybe you can even make it even more interesting by making the hint in a form of riddles with scattered hints for the said riddles. I think it's more helpful that way because if someone wanted to get this "???" item but don't know how, he at least can get a hint of where to start searching. You know... the game itself doesn't have a walkthrough yet, so adding this later on even when it's not fully released yet will really help the player wait patiently for new update while trying to get the "???" items they haven't found (at least I think so).

What if you add  like a feature in the Diary option to see the statistic about your game progress? It's a Diary after all, it's supposed to have noted everything you do. Maybe in a system that counts like how many items you've found and how many are there left that you haven't discovered yet (weapon, armor, potion recipe, or something else), killing count for what type of enemy have you killed and how many are they, random event that you've encountered (like the speed potion recipe encounter, its kinda important and you can miss the encounter right? why not add it into a diary then), also an ending counter (I remembered you say something about the game have different endings, would be fun to know how much endings you've got in case you forgot and how much more endings you haven't gotten yet), and how about a monster encyclopedia? Maybe you can add a description to every enemy you've fight, like a backstory or enemy appearance description, maybe even a note about its weakness if you're planning on adding that later.

The Diary option seems kinda empty right now or at least I think so. Would be great if you add something to it to brighten it up!

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Aw, kinda hoping no one would talk about the bike part. It's kinda a useful bug lol. You can also recruit companion while on the bugged bike but still can't enter caves and go to stairs. It's basically speed potion but you can't go to some places.

Got a bug with the poison quest. I sold the poisoned beer for 20k silvers but still tried to report it to the mayor and it worked. Maybe it's not a bug but the Mayor is just stupid enough to believe me without any evidence. They really should changed their Mayor as fast as possible. Now I have 20k silvers and completed the quest...maybe?

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Bruh I'm still trying to make the cabin, stuck on crafting level 49. It's literally impossible to upgrade your level from training. I'm not a gacha gamer who thinks that 2% is a good chance percentage. You gotta make the minimum training percentage a little bit higher bro.

Edit: Oh, just realised that working also do the job for increasing my stats, very slowly tho. One week of working and only 1 stats level up. 

Btw, will you add a "Suggestion" thread? You got the update and bug report thread but not a suggestion one (at least as far as I know). Maybe people can bring you more idea to add into the game, or perhaps you already got a full plan about what will be in and out of the game?

Ohh... I see. That's really useful. Will it only give me one bonus/cheats even if I have like all weapon stats 100 and 999 food? (btw by 999 food, you mean the one in the pantry and not in inventory right? Is it the food amount or food quality? if its quality I'm fricked).

About the NPCs relationships, I got the huntress's relationship to 100+, what did it do? Is there like a romance option?

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Da heck, is Mr. White a cat with spare 9 lives or something?

Oh, does encounter also count for endings? I got an encounter about Ron's underling and I got a lipstic and a dress if you lie, and I can become Ron's spy if I tell the truth..? Still haven't found out who Ron is btw nor do I know how to find out.

Also killing the kobolds, will it effect the ending? I tried to killed them cuz i figured it would be faster to get  to 100 humanoid kills but now some kobolds roams around the map and attacking me, the one in swamp part and the forest doesn't attacked me tho. Btw this is after I befriended them (giving the food basket). Ah, btw I think there's a bug with the friendly kobold, I got the hangout option but when I press it there's nothing happening. Same for the Huntress but this one got no hangout option.

Bruh that face

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How do you use potassium nitrate? I got 999 of them and got no clue of how to use them. Is it an explosive ingredient? I don't think there's any dynamite recipe here.

Edit: Well maybe that's not really important for now. Wanna ask, if you completed every quest will it effect the ending? Like the poison quest I mean. I completed the quest but got a red mark. And if it did effect the ending, which one will be counted as complete or failure? the red/green color or quest completion description?

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I finally found it, I kinda buy the steam engine skills cuz i wanna do what it does but still couldn't understand, how do you use it?

Wait no, its not that important right now, I found the electric mechanism recipe but i need copper, how do i get copper scrap and craft a copper wire?

Nice, i got a fully functional barn now. Still not finished the electric tho. How do you get or craft the basic electric part?  I've searched the entire map to find it but still nothing, maybe I miss something?

Ok, now I can relax a bit about the ending, I found the hammer sign, its kinda small so I missed it. 

Do you know how to catch animals to the barn? and how can I get milk I only see the eggs collector and I see no cows in this game. Wait, of course you know how. You're the creator, lol.

The date you mean the ending date? Then what if I already went over the ending date? Is the ending sequence a one time/week only or can I activate the ending whenever I want after getting 1 year?  Also check my previous chat, i edited it a little bit.

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Ok, now I know what food is good for wellness. Btw does killing the mutant hunter still count as humanoid monster? Although I did take a huge blows on the wellness by killing the hunter, just confirming.

 Also try checking the Bug report thread, I posted a kinda major bug if you need to improve Helena relationship because that doesn't count to Helena.

Edit: I think you misplaced something. Roman doesn't teach you electric stuff, it's Tadeas the alchemy guy. He teaches you "basic electrical theo" that enables me to use electric and build electrical grid, whatever that is. Roman only teaches you machining table using (The gunsmith also have that) and steam engine thingy, can't really read the full description because most description in the game is kinda cut off because of how long it is.

Edit 2 : I got the electric skills from Tadeas but how do i make it? My house is still a tent btw and i tried to put my old fridge on one of the workbench slot (cooking, recreation, and that kind of stuff, the recreation slot is not working tho, not like empty but just not giving me the option to see if i have it or not) in hideout but no option to put the fridge

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That takes some serious dedication just to solo a Wyvern... and of course I'm gonna try it! If I have the time of course. 

That weapon sounds cool and all that but if you missed it's still not gonna do a thing. I think I'll just equip the weapon but just gonna attack with different weapon to level it up, I still got exp to every equipped weapon even when you don't equip it, or maybe just gonna do the melee option, if the weapon is that good the bullet is gonna be pricy too.

Ah, I wanna ask what is the best thing to do to heal up the wellness stats? Kinda went overboard when fighting for the fire blood stone before. Also I think I saw something about exercising and showering, is it available if you upgrade your house to cabin? And the increasing pantry quality, I tried it but it doesn't really do anything to me? I figured that if someone knows about this its gonna be the creator of the game, hehe....

Edit: Just remembered, will you add like a statistic feature to the character menu? like how much things have you killed and what are they, human, spider, chicken, boar, fox, ghoul, abnomalities (or lesser ghoul i guess?), and wyvern? You said that after killing 100 humanoid the guy will appeared, kinda hard to know how much progress I've made and I for sure ain't gonna count it myself.

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My god... Wyvern got at least 5 times of Ghoul's health! How can you defeat that with only 4 puny humans? It also can one hit kill like Ghoul and have higher chance of miss attack than Ghoul (at least I think so). Surely if someone do defeat that monster he gonna get something worth the effort right?

Edit: Is the ending can only be activated right at that week when you get the age up notif or you can activate the ending sequence any time after you got 1 year? I mean even if you do set the timer wrong. I skipped the week by resting and went to the beach (i assume by beach you mean the place where Billy always hanging around, considering that's where Billy goes when he left a note saying he went to the beach) but nothing's there. I tried to skip the week again but still nothing on the beach.

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Oh ho, less HP for ghoul? A happy mistake for me!

Oh wait, how about you make a different type of ghoul? One with normal Hp, less Hp, and more Hp? maybe with a different variant of ghoul sprite? or you can just change the color to make them different. But please if you do want to make different type of ghoul don't make the more Hp type have too much Hp, its already hard enough lol.

One more thing, can you defeat the dragon? The maximum damage I have deal to him is at least 6500 damage. How hard is he?! Is the dragon actually more powerful than the ghoul? I think I have a higher chance of missing the attack when fighting him.

Edit: Ok two more thing, I already got to age 10 (got the congrats notif just now) and I think I've saw you talk about having many endings after 1 year and go to the beach, I see nothing?

Edit 2: Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't have say about the ghoul health mistake? Oh no...

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Found a bug~!

Tried to hangout with Helena but somehow I ended up with Billy, the NPC chat sprite is Helena but the NPC's name and ingame sprite is BIlly.

Oh I also found a bug that when you drink a beer you got a notif with +35 mood and -1 wellness, but after i checked my mood it only increased from -60 to -50 which is only 10 mood.

Well that's a useful hint for sure. Gonna do that later.

Oh, I already found the fire stone and my god that's so hard to get. Took 2 retries, mood at -63 with vodka, wellness -12, and 2 ghoul defeated (haven't tried sleeping yet, I hope the mood penalty isn't that high).

Is there a level of ghoul that's gonna be appearing? Those two ghoul only have like 500 hp? Now I'm kinda afraid that the ghoul levelling up is not from killing but from dying.

Also will you add a monster health feature later on? It's kinda hard that every time you deal large damage thinking that this was the last hit but then it's not. Looks funny for trolling maybe? The player expectation got crushed everytime they think the fight was over, lol.

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Ah I see, I'm gonna try to look for the other Bloodstone inside the underground cave then. Hopefully there's a fire Blood stone there.

If the PPSh-41 and that other weapon is only for NPCs, why and how did I have it in my inventory and can I like make it gone? Oh I also somehow got SKS with Bayonet before and sold it for a quick money, even if I can't use it I can't say that I hate it. I can't do anything to the PPHs-41 though, lol.

Oh right, I found something called Ichor Container but dunno what to do with it. Tried it with the church people but nothing. Is it an unfinished item?

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I got this weird glitch or bug about these two weapon. I can't equip the PPSh-41 weapon for some reason too.

Also I got a problem about the blood staff. Can anyone tell me how to get the Fire one? When I was given the option to pick my staff, he said that I can only use the flesh blood staff but not the fire blood staff. He didn't actually say it like that but I was given an option to pick if I want the flesh power or not, I picked no but then he keeps repeating to ask if I want the flesh power. Do I have to do something specific first?

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Transfered my save files (23.4) to the new version (24) after last time saving it the first time I went inside the Monolith cave, the one after giving the Blood stone. I give the Blood stone with Roman, Valdemar, and Marcus. They all disappeared because of the Monolith gate cutscene but only Marcus truly disappeared. The others just go back to their previous location. I tried to find Marcus from the map point there's no one here.

Edit: I tried to reload the save file from before i give the Blood stone and dismiss all of my party member, checked that both before and after I give the Blood stone if Marcus was there and he did. At least now I can continue playing peacefully.

Alright, gotchu. I'll start doing that when i found anything later, loved your game!