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Leonardo Doujinshi

A member registered Dec 14, 2021

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is there any walkthrough for this game?

it keeps making me fall out of bounds, help.

The twist no one saw coming!

Alright then, take your time! We all know what happened to a rushed game (cyberpunk 2077)

Is the full game out yet?

too cute! i'm die, thank you forevah.

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Just finished my first playthrough and saw the new menu screen, can i change the look of it or am i just stuck with this depressing scene? (If I can't change it, can you make it so that I can? maybe?) Honestly still confused why it did that, the lore isn't complete for now so idk what's so dark about the game yet. All I know is that some random girl got thrown into an island, forced to survive, and after half a year or so got send back.

Edit: My main reason is that I liked the menu song so I wanna hear it again :)

Will the secret alternate intro dialogue reward me with something or is it just more lore?

This happened when I ask Suong to follow me, the bug also happened at her house and at the campfire but i forgot to screenshoot it. I can still interact with the clone btw

So now its basically just a sandbox? Also can i increase my favorability/relationship towards Mr.White?

What do  i need to do after i found Mr. White? After the cutscene where Mr.White is talking to Suong about the dungeon idk what else to do. There's no quest or anything. I already got the mysterious steel that he wanted but idk how to give it to him.

do you know the fastest way to do it? or like tips and tricks for stuff like that

The bug is still here on 0.29.3 (kinda happy cuz I'm a wizard again tho)

New factory dungeon? Nice!

Which one is bugged? My status says i got 68 renown but the perform says i only got 6 (I really should've get one more renown to make it the funny number)

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Oh alright, that's nice to know.

 Another question, will having visible mutation do anything to my encounter later with Mr White? The bonuses with having mutation seems like not a bad idea but with some people not liking mutation I was thinking if Mr White was the same as those people who hates mutants

Edit: Also will my role as cult initiate effect any encounter? or is the role stuff still under development?

What kind of action would count as 'mistakes'?

Oh yea, I'm still on 29.0

Bruh ghoul is too strong for first time player

I'm convinced that the Ghoul is having the same speed effect as me everytime i tried to drink the speed potion when he's already chasing me. He walked slowly at first but when i paused to drink the potion, he instantly run. I didn't even get the chance to activate my speed :(

"You're a wizard, Harry."

How can I get renown fast? I've been doing the quest board all the time but its still too slow.

Is the cure quest need a specific action for it to trigger? I think I should've gotten the cure quest by now but maybe it's just my memory not remembering correctly (my current time is when my hair started growing long enough that it cover up my right eye/the eye patch eye)

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I equipped the Holy staff when I'm getting the flesh staff so I got the flesh staff and the Holy staff didn't disappeared, I got both of the staff. I tried both of the staff and I can't access my skill in battle even though I actually have it.

edit: help pls

Wrong sprite when talking to Olaf

Oh, so the game gonna be a lot harder and more advanced as time goes on?

The Ghoul sometimes still sprinting towards me like in the older version and not walking so idk if that's slow enough. The Ghoul walk slow at first but if I saved and loaded the save when the Ghoul is on the screen or near me it instantly starts sprinting towards me like when that ghoul inside the mineshaft attacked

Trying to test if newer version (29.0) can be played in older version (24.0) kinda just because i was curious and

because I feel the older version Ghoul is much easier to defeat than the new version Ghoul when trying to get the fire blood stone and it's hard to get it inside the cave when the Ghoul comes like 5 minutes after I went in.  I already know older version cannot be played in newer version "but what about playing newer version in older version?" I thought. And it looked like I can play my save file but then this happened.

Not saying that you should fix this, just giving you the info if you ever need it for something, idk what tho.

Just wanna ask if the Ghoul will eventually hunt me down at daylight or not, hearing the bridge guard and John's story about Ghoul is making me curious. I tried to ask the bridge guard about Ghoul after this sighting and after a Ghoul tried to attack me outside the beach's cave but he didn't say anything new. Maybe there is more Ghoul observing me but this is the only one that I managed to actually see clearly.

Do you need to kill a specific amount of abomination to get an ending? If you make a cheat about it, i assume that's pretty important

If you make it bionic eye, wouldn't it like hurt so much? Or have already you made a story where the main character eye got wounded and replaced with the bionic eye? Maybe make it a contact lense instead of an actual eye cyborg would be better

Oh dang, that main screen looks straight up from fallout game, I love it! If you do ended up using that as the main menu and want to give the game a bit of fallout game feels please make the arm terminal a model you can see when checking your character out

This one gotta be a bug, i tried to take Arf with me when i got a full party slot and he just gone

It took me a minute to see what's wrong with the picture, is it the random wood sticking from the background or something but then i realised that your character is not there 

It looked like this, my first planting looked like that too but i still can harvest it.

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Got a bug when I tried to harvest my precious potatoes farm, no notification about me getting the potato and no potato in my inventory. I forgot when I planted the seeds so maybe I took too long to harvest it and that caused the bug?

Edit: this is my second harvest, the first planting+harvesting works just fine so idk why it didn't work now

Can we get a character customization that actually customize the character not just the trait stats? If there's gonna be a romance option, i think it would be cool if we get both male and female option for the romance according to main character's gender. Maybe even monster romance too?

Will there ever be any romance option or is it just a normal survival rpg?  I kinda got a similar feel of the game like that stardew valley game or harvest moon where even if its just a normal rpg you still get to marry someone

Oh, so it's like updating the save files itself so it can be compatible with the newer version?

It does says incompatible, kinda sad that I lost all my progress before because I still haven't got a single ending/unlocks. I'm playing with new save right now and probably will update it to version 29 later on