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Really cool game, I love that you can only see some of the map, it makes it a lot more difficult and interesting. Also it fits the theme, splendid

I love the aesthetic of the game, Its creepy because I dont like the deep but the cartoony graphics make it better. The game itself is fun aswell, really nice work

 Nice game, really like the graphics. And thank you for making a linux version

Really nice aesthetic, but also creepy. I love it. Very nice aswell that you made all of the assets from scratch, I really like when developers do this instead of just copy pasting things from the asset store

Cool game

Cool game, I love the aesthetic of the world, It looks like some 80s game and that just makes it better. Really nice

Nice game, I really like the aesthetic and Its nice that you made most of the assets from scratch

Funny fish. I liked playing your game and I love the graphics, very fun

Nice game, I enjoyed the mechanics and also the graphics. Cool that you did them from scratch and not importet from asset library

Thank you very much for your feedback. Nice that you liked the western atmosphere and the controls :)

Thank you for your rating.

Thank you. Working your way up will make it more challenging but to fit the theme we had to start at the top. We could implement a feature where you can choose if you want to start at the top or the bottom in the future

Thank you for your kind words. There are some janks that need some fixing and we will try to fix them for future updates.

Thank you very much for your feedback and ideas to improve the game. But what exactly do you mean with making achievement static, I don't understand what it means.

Cool game. It reminds me of another game that I like a lot but with new game mechanics. The idea fits the theme well. Maby with some more work to make achievements or so it could be more fun to play for long periods. for the creativity 5 stars

Cool game that fits the theme. I also liked the explosion simulation from impacts. I played on computer but as a phone game it would be a lot more fun than the already fun experience now. You should really publish it for phones, it would be cool if you can make a big game out of it. 5 stars because of the graphics and the creative idea :)

Nice game, there are some small janks but it was fun to play. The only thing that lacks a bit is fitting the theme but I also struggled because its a hard theme to find a creative idea. anyway 5 stars :)

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I forgot to write in the first comment but I also think that the game fits the theme well. Creative idea with the pill and mental health, or so I interpreted :)

Nice game, really impressive for your first game jam. There were some small problems with the movement but otherwise it was a fun game to play. The sound effect also adds to the ambiance. 5 stars for your first game :)

Fun game to play. The pink loos really pretty. The only part that threw me off a bit was the high sensitivity with the mouse movement, I changed the sensitivity of my mouse but it was still a bit sensitive. Otherwise great game, levels are also well designed with their rising difficulty. 5 stars

Awesome game, I really enjoyed the gameplay and the graphics look great. I also like that the game is set in the jungle and not the ocean, its a more creative idea. Very cute indiana jones character too :) 5 stars

Thank you very much for the feedback. We will fix these problems as fast as possible

Ok thanks

Thank you very much

Thank you very much. We are currently resolving the issue with the trees and hope to finish the update pretty soon

Thank you for the feedback. We are currently working on improving the controls and making the game more easy to understand.

Thank you very much for your feedback

Thank you

Thank you very much

Thank you for the feedback. We realized later, that the buggy movement around the trees is because the camera collides with the trees. We are working on updates that resolve that issue and allow you to move the camera.

Thank you very much

Thank you. The idea of first person is very nice and would definitely be a good feature. We will make both first person and third person in the next update.

Thank you. We are currently working on an update that will be finished pretty soon hopefully.

Thank you. Our problem was that the camera collided with the trees but we sadly didn't have enough time to fix it. Your idea of full WASD support is very intriguing and would fit the game better because you would have more ways to explore the map. We hope to finish the update pretty soon.

Thank you very much for the feedback. We are currently working on improving the camera and general movement and we hope to release and update soon.

Ok thanks. Imma going to check out magicvoxel because before I modeled the things on blender and then remeshed it with blocks enabled.

Nice game

It's a really fun and addictive game to play, had a good experience playing it. I would say that the game has a lot of potential so I look forward to more by you.

It's a really fun game and I loved the idea around it. It ties perfectly with the movement 'birds are not real' and thus fitted perfectly with the theme in my opinion. I rated your game and told some friends about it because I really hope that you  get 20 reviews. It would be a shame if you wouldn't. 5/5

Look forward to more games made by you