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this game will be better if

-voting meetings and meeting chat

-crewmate mode


i nuked the full level to win  on the big level win but one 90 and win with nuke the big level what have many bad boyss

i made somthing 70 blocks nuke

i made little nuke

i love your videos


buuba saur

they are its cool it have vent i killed much people

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i want storage back ):

and electrical to another place or storage i have good memories 

the place

plz dont download my project is so stupid

its very old

dont click codes

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space flash light if you have it x to use tablet

click z to get it


dani the milkman gang because the real karslon made byt dani

plz bigger map

charles this is the greatest plan

me this is the greatest game

i was clicking maybe 126 times but my game is only black an clicking the button

why youre using scratch help


good game

i know this game but one time i dont do the scan but its meeting but i dont do the scan and i get voted of

story mode plz


i want bigger map


i want stack kills


multimaps i maked idea but if i play skeld my game crashes D=


no no dont touch me here this is my no no

its funny

can you make sand box mode

plz i want sbotage doooooooors and o2

i loved and winned

i found fly glitch

yes i click one time fast sabotage when he see me vent

and can you make multi maps

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nice can you make door lock plz  bots know self reports

and coms and oxygen sabotage

and crewmate mode