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The Bibites

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Thanks so much <3

There's another button right next to the save game button on the bottom left that allows you to load a save file

The issue on Mac is due to the fact that I can't afford the price of purchasing the official Apple Developper Account, so it won't recognize the program as trustworthy. As a result, the program fails when it tries to access the files it needs on the disk.

 You have to manually give permissions to the program. I remember people that figured out how to do it, but I can't remember since I don't have a mac and have never done it myself.

I'll have a look at that, Thanks!

Thanks a lot! We could sure talk about that!

Thanks! I'll be looking into it! 

Yep! They perceive eachother's color!

thank you so much 😁

Wow, thanks a lot! And sorry for the late answer 😅. I was pretty busy these last few months, but I'm coming back strong with a lot to announce for the future of the project 💪

I saved both links, I'll have to look them up :o never heard of Darwin's pond and your project seems super interesting too!

Awesome to hear !

Thanks for your kind comments and good luck on what you're doing next !

Many others have reported the Mac version working, so I would need to have more information to help you (and more knowledge of how mac works ahah)

I'll investigate :)

It's hard to say considering that it's very dependent on how much my collaborators help. If I was by myself, at least a few months, so less then that as I have some help :) 

that's already the case :o

After 50 seconds the meat will rot and be recycled as biomass 

we call them the Immortals.

It's a bug that we are working on fixing 

Hey that's pretty good ! what di you use as inputs ?

Yeah, Actively working toward both these features

Thanks !

Yeah 100% agreed, It's on my list as most urgent features

Oops, thanks for the catch

It really depends on the run sometimes :o

I hope that with the next additions (procedural sprites, biomes, evolving plants, etc.) It's going to get a lot more interesting !

I said I tried without success :o sorry for the misunderstanding

I admit I forgot about that :o! 

Stay tuned in the next few days

Ahahah yeah exactly

A true explorer !