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A member registered Aug 03, 2020

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Awesome game with surprising gameplay elements!

At the beginning I thought it would be a walking-simulator kind of game, but to my surprise your game introduces new gameplay elements with each progress which I found awesome!

Especially these “cloud monsters” are soo awesome cuz u need to evade them and approach them while spacing which creates some heated up moments with momentum thanks to the speed acceleration while spacing. And props to the balancing. I found the items to fill up my stamina or health exactly in moments where I needed them the most, so I guess a lot of work went to that part of level design too ;)

Oh, and dunno if I’m the only one, but after a short coffee break I found myself lost one time in the map, a mini map or so would have been neat for me xS

Btw I love the cutscenes, your art style and sound nailed it! And as I don’t want to spoil anything, I can’t say much abt the story, but let me say that I found it touching and the resolution was satisfying.


All in all I love your game and I’m looking forward to your future creations! :)