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Really well done with lighting effects; made it difficult to navigate the vast space in a fun way. Very good destroy effects too with camera shake and everything. I believe this is a good base for a game; start adding story into it and you can make something great! Good luck!

Was fun to play; looks like a good sidescrolling hotline miami with some additional effect. Got to third level INN before I just couldn't beat the bad guys anymore. Good luck!

Got a score of 1680. Had to turn the sound off within 10 seconds due to highly repetitive background music.

Thought I had to catch drops too at first until I released they were water. Good luck with your games!

I did some attempt, placed down the runes according to the information in top left; but it didn't seem to do that much. So a bit confusing. But the game definatly looks very nice and interesting; like a sort of different take on a tower defense game, which is cool! Good luck!

Very polished grim-looking worms-like quicky. It's nice. Good luck!

Score of 3718. After multiple big spawn I gave up pressing mousebutton and just spammed F and E with occasional ALT while moving around the goat. Is a nice looking arena shooter with dark atmosphere. Would like to see more 'Oomph' (impact) when killing enemies; and maybe more need to walk around the map? Overal, I enjoyed myself and everything worked as intuitively expected. Great work!

Felt very solid but for someone that is not a platformer pro this was really difficult. I tried out all the different stages and had a lot of fun with it. Some of the jumps for the green character felt more difficult then the other two though because sometimes you had to jump into the void just to pick up an orb. Good luck!

I played this on my phone! Which worked quite well to my surprise, was fun to play on my commute home. Good luck!

It's very short, but everything appears to be working as expected! Took me some time though to figure out that "S" was the key to pickup items. Good start!

Ended for me at level 7 with: 643 letters pressed, 118 words spawned, 605 letters cleared, 94,09% accuracy.

Was fun game, exactly what I expected it to be when I saw the title.

Could also be great for teaching people to type faster/more accurate!

Looks really pretty; great artwork!

Cat feels a bit 'stiff' in jumping and I got stuck at one point while crouching.

Great touches with all those small critters leaping away!

@JonasZakostelsky, correct; but there are many different types of joints and many different ways of implementing those joints. As of yet, I only have experience with the Physics joints found in GameMaker though.

I like the aesthetics of this game!

@JonasZakostelsky, thanks for the comment. No I'm not using any skeleton system this is pure Physics World by using the revolute joints for.. well.. joints. :)

Was difficult to figure out how to control the fire and how the fighting really works. But past that it's a neat little game!

171 points on second try!!

Works just as expected. Would love to get more feedback when hitting things (screenshake or other glowing effects to make hitting stuff feel more rewarding!

Blocks stunning you in the air is an instant kill, would be easier to get into if those just did damage.

Also was confusing at start where to go; so I walked of screen on right side with no way to return.

Controls feel nice!

Difficult to get the hang of. Once I finally got it it was fun until I got stuck on a corner.

Oh man that boss is tough. The fact that he was offscreen for me (on the right side) made it even more difficult to see those big blasts coming.

Sound was way to repetitive had to turn it off. Other that that looks like a great start for a fun game!

The enemies that shoot are so difficult to deal with. So I tried every route without enemies or tried running past them.

The jump feels really astronaut like, and I like that!

Would love to see more feedback when taking damage beside the HP counter in the bottom. (like sound or screenshake or visuals)

Nice advanced snake game! Was complicated to understand at first, but gets fun when you understand it.

"I'll never let them take me alive!! .. . aaa a a ARRHRHGHHGG!!"

It was fun and well programmed! :)

The jump is difficult to master. Cute little penguin character!

The raw scores = sum of all votes (divided) by the number of votes.

If the votes are below the median, then the raw score gets decreased depending on how far it is away form the median votes. Resulting in your socre.

This is to prevent a game that gets only 1 voter with full 5-stars to win the competition.

To make sure that low vote count is less of a problem I would suggest that GBJAM also allows voters from outside of the competition to vote, just make it so that those outside-votes only count as 10% of a vote and that the total of outside-votes can only count as 25% of your final voter count (this is to prevent score boosting using outsiders).

This would allow for more voters to make the voting more equal (as in, less decrease due to low vote count) AND it would fetch more publicity for GBJAM.

Everybody votes in a different way, so overall it will work out, but still, the correlation between Gameboy Feel and graphics is still very much there. Perhaps the category can be explained better to help voters.

I believe that entries without any rating (mostly/probably unfinished games) are removed from the entries - thus only 401 games were reviewed.

Loved seeing you play and learn my game T-SWAP, Cheers!

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic GBJAM 5 scores
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I've set up a Google spreadsheet that gets most of the score data to make this graph:

My thoughts on the results:

  • The last 50 ranks got a single low rating which most likely means that these are incomplete submission
  • Only the first 100 ranks were completely safe of adjusting scoring due to low rating count; more voters would be nice or obligue a number or votes if you submit. That, or people need to up their marketing game
  • High correlation between "Gameboy Feel" and "Graphics"; it's a likely scenario that people rate "Gameboy Feel" by mostly judging the graphics
  • Most "Overall" rating was lost on sound

Fun stuff! Subscribing to this topic to see the rest.

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It's a fun skating game with the object to pick up all the flags on the way. After getting used to the controls and how you should collide with the flags you're on your way. Apparently you do need all the flags or else you can't finish. The jump gap in the first part immediately creates great difficulty for me because you have to move fast while also keeping the board in control.

All in all, difficult, but feels rewarding and fun to play!

Has that nice Gameboy feel, and the graphics to match!

My game: T-SWAP

(A Portal-like 2D puzzler)

Great to hear that the ingame 'tutorial' is good enough to start figuring it out!!

I'm interested in rebooting this game outside of the GBJAM concept so I'm looking for some more inept feedback. If you have some time I'd love to hear what part you liked most of the game and what part you hated the most. Thanks!

Hey Rohbert, once again, thanks for checking out my game!

Just came to see what you are doing here; looks like a really fun recourse managing puzzle game. Played it a bit with my Xbox controller and felt really good to control. Just a bit confusing using the start key to swap between modes (thought I had to use all blocks for the game to start in first level).

Also found a bug where you can walk out of the level by moving down at the start.

The color swap is a cool feature! Did you accomplish this with shaders? Also, which engine did you use to make this if I may ask?

Thank you for leaving a comment! I will try to fix this bug!

I'm trying to gather some info on what players liked and disliked the most in the game for a sequel. Since you already mentioned moving slow was something you disliked, may I also ask what you liked most in the game?

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Thanks for playing and leaving a comment!

May I ask you what you found most enjoyable and least enjoyable in the game? (trying to gather some information from players for an upscaled and improved reboot)

GameMaker Studio.. since that's what seemed fun for me to pick up when it was on the Humble Bundle sale about a month ago.

Have no further experience with any other program, so looking forward to see which kind of programs produce which type of games!

You were so close to the end then, with the last three levels being (in my oppinion) the actual puzzles.

I'd have to take a look at that shortcut in level 7 :)

Unfortunately I won't have the time to work on it anymore over the weekend, so no updates for the Gbjam for this game (maybe afterwards I'll reboot the project)

Was a lot more fun to work on than Mr m too, but both were great learning experiences for me. Thank you for sticking with it and giving great feedback and kind words. I really appreciate it!

Thank you very much for taking the time to play the game and writing this out!

Some really useful commentary, especially the part about the slow character movement. Seems like I need to brainstorm a bit more to find a good solution to keep the atmosphere but remove the annoying factor!

Hey metalman42,

I actually updated the game with a new introduction level and more importantly a small UI that shows level and your current SPEED! I hope that allows for some more clear indication on what you should do in this game, and what is currently happening.

Thank you so very much for these kind words!

Want to give comments on what you liked most and what you hated most about the game?

No worries! I'm really happy you're willing to give it another shot though! :)

Thank you for posting these, this is a huge eye-opener for me; going to start drawing out what I want on paper too!

Really interesting to see this kind of thought iterations!