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Act II is everything I hoped and feared it would be.

It´s painful in all the best and worst ways. There were a couple of parts where I felt like I needed to stop reading for a while and process everything, but couldn´t because the game immediately threw me into the next life-threatening situation and I just had to find out what happened next. 

I was never prepared. For anything. Not even for the introduction of the final main character. This series doesn´t just have an unusual setting for an otome game, its whole way of unfolding its story is unconventional. 

Now that the cast is "complete" I certainly do have my favourites, but there isn´t a single character I don´t care about, which made for an especially intense read.

The recurring characters from Act I change with more exposure to the war, including Elfriede herself. Most of them not for the better. Which was to be expected, but it also made me wonder: Where will these people end up physically and emotionally once the war is over? If they even survive? Am I just setting myself and Elfriede  up for (even more) heartbreak if I pick this route?

At this point I can´t imagine a happy ending for the cast. Too much has happened already, and too much will keep happening. But I need to see it through to the end.

I want to say I love this game. The plot is great, the writing is fitting, the characters are all extremely likable, and the MC has a lot of personality for an otome game. I'm sure it will be great once it's complete. 

That said, Act I is just an introduction to the world and (some, not all) ROs. The story is just barely getting started by the end of Act I. When it ended it left me feeling frustrated, for a number of reasons. (THAT ending, aargh.)

If the other Acts hold up as well, this could easily become the best otome game ever for people  like me who like their dating sims on the angsty side. 

I definitely want to see how Elfriede's story continues.

Wow, I got way more invested in this than I expected. The drawing style nearly made me skip this, but once I got into the story I noticed it really fits the tone.

...Just please tell me the full version will have a different ending for Sigurd's route...

Thank you! I'm really happy to hear this still lives.

Take all the time you need. I'll be here waiting.

Um, hi.

Just wanted to ask how the game's getting along. I've been spending these past few months checking for updates every other day both here and over at lemmasoft. Could you perhaps give a short progress update? I don't want to pressure you or anything, but not knowing whether the game is still being worked on is starting to get to me.