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Omg Atlas Moth is best Moth. 

Omg Tara's lil' trans pride hoodie. They're all well developed characters, and not to obsesses on one little detail, but it makes me so happy to see some wlw transwoman rep that's so sweet. Thank you. Also it is spooky, and awesome. Thank you!!

Oh no worries, it's a cute game and I enjoyed it. I'm just a serial re-player of stuff, sometimes I just like a chance to take in the game again and see details I might have missed, so I just want 'bwauaaagh?' at the lockout. It certainly didn't spoil anything, just wasn't expecting it on a VN like this but that's what keeps the genre interesting. 

I hope you keep making games, either in this universe or new ones. You just shouldn't have made Peri so adorable, I spent the entire game just wanting to give the poor thing a hug. 

Anyway, thx for the work and no worries about the update, at least re: the ending I know it's a feature now!

p.s. I can nuke all these messages if you want to not spoil anything, sorry, should have DM'ed all this. 

Actually I just lifted my saves, and re-installed, and I'm still loading into the 'end screen'. If this is a single play-through game please make that more obvious? Thx.

Ok, cute art style, I won't spoil the mechanic though it's a little familiar, but reasonably implemented. Fairly short to burn through to all the endings. Would question calling this a 'dating sim' though, it has sim elements but, anyway. 

Oddest thing is having just brute forced my way through every option, and 'finished' the game boots to an 'end screen' and no access to menu, saves, can't go back. Is that a deliberate choice? I'd like to re-absorb the ending, but, do I have to re-install the game and play from scratch? 

It's all gorgeous and an amazing behind the scenes into a game I really cherish. So much that I feel petty saying this but I wish there was just, even a tiny mention of Tara's transgender status being canon. I know it's a yuri, wlw focused game and not everybody is going to rejoice in what I'm seeing, but Tara's just, well, I can't put in words how much it means to see another wlw transwoman, and one who you chose, so touchingly,  to portray as normal, beautiful, accepted, loving and beloved. 

I shouldn't even be kvetching about this this given how far you're going with the voicework, and I can't laud you enough for  to hire a trans VA to dub Tara. Which again means so much that I can't even put here. I just want you to know how much Tara means to folks like me. 

Anyway all that doesn't take away from your creative freedom, this is your project, thank you so much for all your work.

So cute! So Goth! So Fun! So Cutegothfun!! Fetch my eyeliner, we're getting gloomy!

Omg, adorable goth GF and adorable knight GF have amazing adorable adventures. Pure sugar with just a hint of gloom. Awesome 

Maybe it's where I am right now in my life but I wish I could summon just a hint of the courage you gave your characters, this really touched me  and I can't even start to list the reasons. This piece of IF is something else, entirely. It's easily up there with award winning interactive fiction from when I followed the IF awards more closely. Thank you, this was an experience. 

They're so adorable it hurts. Super fun, cute and sweet  

i just bawled my eyes out over literally all of Space and Time . This game is beautiful, thank you  

i and acceptance are just so quietly woven through. i sniffled more than once, and yes i think Yen is the most adorable dork in the whole game, thank you