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This was quite deliriously adorable. Best pumpkin witchling evar. 

Tsatoru is best tsundere! So cuuuute. 

That...was really freakin' cute.

Mozzy 4 life. Always behind moth rep. 

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Pure, sweet, happy squishiness. Aside from being adorable, and adorable, and romantic, and adorable, did I say adorable? Just checking...

But I also really love the sound design, how the rain changes when you open the umbrella, such a nice atmospheric touch. Thank you!

A jawdropping queer headfuck (literally), my occasional guilty pleasure when I'm in the mood. Every route is fun and even on replays I find enough branches to keep them interesting. And frankly, could you please have made Robyn less gorgeous? Dammnit...

Push button, receive feels. Thank you. I mean I'm crying, but, thank you. 

Adorable and heartbreaking. 

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This was so sweet, I wish there was more. The sewing part was the hardest, I kept stomping around for a foot pedal that wasn't there when I wanted to turn a corner. 

The graphics are beautiful, the outfits are so gorgeous and playful and the stories are short but adorable. I totally burst into tears at the last one. This is really special and playful and happy.

Thank you for making this. 

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Yeah I uh, not to derail and air a whole pile of TMI but, well. Prior to transition I didn't have a huge sex drive, didn't really partner up at all and just 'dealt with it' when it became a nuisance. One of the things I actually felt really divorced from masculinity about was the relentless pursuit of sex, I never understood why people put so much effort into chasing it, at all.  So, months into HRT and between the E and the Spiro the limited sex drive I had really went away and, oddly, I found I didn't really miss it. Which started me wondering if there was a piece I was missing?

Then as my E levels climbed, and I started crying at everything, and blah blah, I found things kicked back in, not so much sexually but I turned into a completely shameless sponge for gooey romance. Discovered via a sudden need to consume slow-burn/fluff fanfic, and any interest in being erotic suddenly turned into a yearning for emotional connection. That this also dovetailed with my orientation doing 360 burnouts in the parking lot, well it didn't help, as it would be 'hella lesbian' on Tuesday followed by 'Okay pretty bi' by Friday, and back again. 

I think nuking away the masculinity that I really struggled with also let me peel away the expectation of being capable of sex without significant emotional attachments, I mean, the few partners I had (as an ostensibly gay AMAB) tended to tell me I was 'clingy' when in retrospect, I feel I wanted more emotional availability that I was capable of getting from them. 

So now everything seems to hinge on my ability to connect with someone before any real sense of wanting to go further kicks in, and it's been hard to stand by that when so often there's this expectation of hookup first, lovey-dovey later when I seem primed to run the opposite direction, as in, cuddle-me-until-I-cry and then I might jump your bones. 

Then doing this all in middle age (43 now) is just, icing on the cake. Somedays...oy. 

But to the point, really after this long winded spiel, is maybe I wasn't allo to begin with and finding more comfort with my existence seemed to let me see what I really wanted. I honestly wonder, too, if walking away from performative masculinity also let me open up to the idea that I didn't need to be 'capable' of completely allosexual performance because while men are expected to be romantic, it's within a somewhat, to me, narrow range of performances. Men lust, women pine, is sort of how I would characterize it, at least, what I internalized. 

Then even within queer spaces, there's sometimes such an undercurrent of sex-as-liberation or as a transgressive performance or what-have-you, and that's not to say I'm not sex-positive, I'm just, positive it doesn't actually matter if you do or don't and sometimes I wish that there would be more inclusive in queer discussions where ace/demi voices are too often either sidelined as 'well you're just repressed' or worse, just ignored as one more roadbump on the highway to aspirational normativity. 

Anyway it's been a freakin' weird mix of learning and un-learning. 

Christ sorry for the essay, thanks for responding and, yeah, again, thanks for putting that piece out there because it is super, super relatable. and vulnerable and just really nice to see. 

This totally hit me in the feels because I feel...I think, the exact same. Transitioning turned my sexuality inside out, and it wasn't just who I was attracted to but how I was attracted. When I identified as AMAB I always had a difficult time relating to the instant-hit-it-off-let's-go-jump-in-bed-use-too-many-hyphens school of relationships, and wrote it off as me being, well...just uptight. 

But becoming myself, if it's the hormones or the reflection, it's...been so much clearer that I'm hugely romantic and I absolutely need that emotional connection, and it's not being a prude, and it's not something to be ashamed of. It's just hard as even talking about demi, or ace, or just acespec identities in general is something that makes most people's heads go 'bork?'. 

Still...thank you for putting this out there. It means a lot. Thanks.

Okay I need to stop playing this late into the night but it's sucking me in like nothing else has in ages. There's so, so, so much in here that's speaking to me. and not to spoil, but, Lucy and 03, out shopping, straight punch to the gutThat could not have hit closer to home, and, it took a lot of guts to write. So uh, thanks. It's beautiful, they're all beautiful. *cries like a gay robot*

Ok that was frustrating but...worth it because those two are so, god, damned, cute. It's not fair. I wanna adorbs star GF!!

The gay robots are back! Today is a good day. 

OMG as a confused ace/demi/something mess, this is so, comforting. It's so sweet and honest and real. Thank you for that, thank you for all the work. 

Also I would cuddle Aster until my arms fell off, so the only thing I can only fault you for is...making her too goddamned adorable, curse you!! That and the ending CG which I believe was specifically to make me cry. Job well done. 

Omg there's gonna be feels

Møre Jørgen. 

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OMG. Y'all just broke the awesome barrier and made my little queer heart explode.

This game is so chill you gotta keep it in the freezer.

Now that I've played the Poppy and Fennel endings through and I still love Fennel's the most, Poppy is delightful but I cannot possibly imagine anyone cuter than that soft moth boy. I hope you never stop drawing him! (or them, enby softmoth would be...well, swoon)

Thanks again for this fantastic bit of pure coffee-flavoured candy. 

I am 100% pro-moth representation. Way too cute, fantastic work. Keep it up, love to see where you go, keep writing!

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Møre Jørgen plz. Cute gøth bat is cute. 

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It's a neat premise, a little too close to home (dating is hell). That said, balance is off, way too hard to pry detail out of people in the time available, and if you don't interview or try to match they huff off. I haven't matched anyone in 5 or 6 playthroughs, even when it seems the ideal/like/hate line up. 

So high frustration factor. Suggest a difficulty curve? Start off with a few softballs and add more time based on how many matches you get. Something to turn it into a flow state game rather than a beat-the-clock scenario. Each playthrough I'd devote the first 24-26 days to just interviewing and finding clients in the hopes of getting match potential but to no avail. There's challenge enough in just client management and match finding, the countdown just builds arbitrary frustration. I mean understandable as a difficulty driver. I just like flow better than nailbiters. 

Would, on a personal note, love to see more GNC/trans/bi/out there rep, but understand about almost every point I've made that you were under the gun. 

Anyway, for something that implements online it's pretty impressive and please, keep at it! Thx for the effort. 

Thank you! あけましたおめでとうございます!

Omg Atlas Moth is best Moth. 

Omg Tara's lil' trans pride hoodie. They're all well developed characters, and not to obsesses on one little detail, but it makes me so happy to see some wlw transwoman rep that's so sweet. Thank you. Also it is spooky, and awesome. Thank you!!

Oh no worries, it's a cute game and I enjoyed it. I'm just a serial re-player of stuff, sometimes I just like a chance to take in the game again and see details I might have missed, so I just want 'bwauaaagh?' at the lockout. It certainly didn't spoil anything, just wasn't expecting it on a VN like this but that's what keeps the genre interesting. 

I hope you keep making games, either in this universe or new ones. You just shouldn't have made Peri so adorable, I spent the entire game just wanting to give the poor thing a hug. 

Anyway, thx for the work and no worries about the update, at least re: the ending I know it's a feature now!

p.s. I can nuke all these messages if you want to not spoil anything, sorry, should have DM'ed all this. 

Actually I just lifted my saves, and re-installed, and I'm still loading into the 'end screen'. If this is a single play-through game please make that more obvious? Thx.

Ok, cute art style, I won't spoil the mechanic though it's a little familiar, but reasonably implemented. Fairly short to burn through to all the endings. Would question calling this a 'dating sim' though, it has sim elements but, anyway. 

Oddest thing is having just brute forced my way through every option, and 'finished' the game boots to an 'end screen' and no access to menu, saves, can't go back. Is that a deliberate choice? I'd like to re-absorb the ending, but, do I have to re-install the game and play from scratch? 

It's all gorgeous and an amazing behind the scenes into a game I really cherish. So much that I feel petty saying this but I wish there was just, even a tiny mention of Tara's transgender status being canon. I know it's a yuri, wlw focused game and not everybody is going to rejoice in what I'm seeing, but Tara's just, well, I can't put in words how much it means to see another wlw transwoman, and one who you chose, so touchingly,  to portray as normal, beautiful, accepted, loving and beloved. 

I shouldn't even be kvetching about this this given how far you're going with the voicework, and I can't laud you enough for  to hire a trans VA to dub Tara. Which again means so much that I can't even put here. I just want you to know how much Tara means to folks like me. 

Anyway all that doesn't take away from your creative freedom, this is your project, thank you so much for all your work.

So cute! So Goth! So Fun! So Cutegothfun!! Fetch my eyeliner, we're getting gloomy!

Omg, adorable goth GF and adorable knight GF have amazing adorable adventures. Pure sugar with just a hint of gloom. Awesome 

Maybe it's where I am right now in my life but I wish I could summon just a hint of the courage you gave your characters, this really touched me  and I can't even start to list the reasons. This piece of IF is something else, entirely. It's easily up there with award winning interactive fiction from when I followed the IF awards more closely. Thank you, this was an experience. 

They're so adorable it hurts. Super fun, cute and sweet  

i just bawled my eyes out over literally all of Space and Time . This game is beautiful, thank you  

i and acceptance are just so quietly woven through. i sniffled more than once, and yes i think Yen is the most adorable dork in the whole game, thank you