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Lemon Girl

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The characters are like able all around (except for Wavern who by the end of chapter three I wish I could just say go fuck yourself). The music is lovely the art is well done. I have never had so many good things to say about a demo.  The fact that you can make a save point rather than run out of luck and have to run through and remember right before where to stop skipping to save is icing on this all to sweet cake.  The demo was long enough for me to be drawn in and groan where as others are too short and leave me with no attachment I will await development though gleefully. I hope staff is fairing well, thank you for the demo be well. 

I DID NOT ask to be torn to shreds by a BUZZFEED QUIZ. HOW DARE.  No but it said I should go for the one I was eyeing any how so that was sick and validating while the that got me..
The demon is too short for me to say if  I love or hate any of the guys but the humor of the character is amazing. It's more real than the ditzy soft protag and more grounded than the subversive agressive alternative.
The only thing I felt strongly about was the name screen make it so it's typed rather than letter by letter click.  Other than that the demo was understandably too short and I can't wait for the development of this.