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yes, unfurtunetly. that happens whenever i wanted to check download progress, checking a new email, seeing class grup (if my phone dint got locked). besides that, i usually accidentally did it by force habbit ._. . if its not fixable, its ok. i can just try stoping my habbits of it. thx for responding tho :)

epic gam

i got some complains (idk if its just me or unity is drunk). the game some times when i play in 800x something, it goes back to default reselution whenever i accidentally press ctrl+esc. is that the unity engine or it is a problem ._


is there a full story?

Yes but sometimes it's kind of hard for me to do them. also, thank you for responding and sorry for responding really late to this message ._.

Pls make the fps and tps as an option in the settings so it will be easier for people (or just me) to play the game ._.

hope the next chapter will be out soon anough

Bloodbath community · Created a new topic need more weapon

you need to add so weapons like ak-47, bazooka, and some knifes