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That's totally rad. I enjoy when devs push themselves and go for the extra mile.
I am working on a beat em up for windows and linux, and I really, REALLY want to make it for Genesis (not sure how I am gonna make  500 mb into a 3-4 mb rom) but I lack the knowledge of the tools used for the task, but I will go for it eventually.

I will look into it :)

It would be nice to see games to not only emulates the aesthetic of the past generations games, but it will be also cool to see working on the intended hardware. I had a blast with a lot of those retro games for the nes, genesis, snes and so on.

Looks nice, I would love to play it on my GB with a flashcard.

Not really enough kind words for a project like this. You know the thing you can improve and some people already gave you feedback, there is no need to state the things already told, instead I want to encourage you to keep trying, becuase the road to succeed has a lot of trial and error, and that sometimes means new ideas where implemented.

I will keep and eye one your work (just please, give me the option to invert the mouse :^)).

Side note: Deception 3 is my favourite, but people like kagero 2 in general. The og (Tecmo's Deception) has a really cool (basic) story that give you chills.

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Really loved the mix of Shadow Tower and King's Field (which I loved back in the 90's, even when it was super slow, even for that time) with some Soulbourne touch. While the game has it's flaws (I am one of those crazy persons who play with inverted mouse), it is incredible what you brought up. My inner kid was joyful.

I know you are improving your programming skills, and you have passion, you will achieve great thing!

Check out kagero's Deception franchise (every game has a different name) for future ideas that I think you will like to try.

Keep the nice work!

Because is from the same modder. Shrine and Shrine 2 are previous projects, and the art direction is simlar.