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this game was everything a horror game should be 

im ngl this game has become different which each update, you devs are killing it! 

appreciate that Owly!

maaaaaaaaaan this demon was coming for my neck

with a little work this game can be AMAZING...(see what i did there) 

This was a shorty but a goodie.. ducks who woulda thought.. 

looks dope, are you planning on adding more levels and stuff?

I'm definitely gonna need a full game, i had fun 

INSIDE community · Created a new topic looks great

This game reminds me of Little nightmares from the screencaps looks great

how long is the game? it looks really good

this looks trippy 

reminds me of slender

How long is this game?

This game looks amazing! how long is the story?

Okay, i definitely need a full game of this, this is a really good game, if you add some more story (levels) and plot or just do it as chapters i can definitely get behind that, comment your thoughts on the video lol tips appreciated 

i don't know how i got here but .. it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be, Awecom definitely has potential to make some gem horror games , i'm looking forward to what comes next from this! enjoy the vid (i didn't know what i was doing half the time LOL) 

Okay i won't lie i got scared LMAO my eyes started to water.. good game GREAT atmosphere i wanna see more from Nordic Journey 10/10 

i had to fill out the survey after you guys got me like that :)


Glad you Enjoyed the video! it's great that you're going to continue creating, ofc i'll check out the other games, good luck :)

I had fun with this, i think you should expand more on the game like adding different levels and the farther you get the more difficult it becomes, i definitely will recommend this to people, had fun making a vid on it ^ cheers 

The game was a bit wonky at first glance, but there is potential definitely, i give my thoughts at the end of the video, can't wait to see more from you! 


should i revisit this game? 

I'm definitely gonna have to try again lol can't leave this game unbeaten 

Derpy you know i had to come back after i played your other games! i sucked at this one tho lol 

The atmosphere of this game was amazing , with a little work the jumpscare could definitely get up there! 

can't wait to see what you work on in the future! 

yes i did! i actually really enjoyed it, if only it were longer 

did we just make a deal with the devil? 

There's something in the grass! ../ 

i'll admit i should've played this game a long time ago! 

i may have to try and finally beat this game... hmm 

I would love to see a longer version of this game most definitely! 

made me wanna replay goat simulator lol 

Why is this game so hard LOL