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LegacyX YT

A member registered Jan 24, 2018

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I'm definitely gonna have to try again lol can't leave this game unbeaten 

Derpy you know i had to come back after i played your other games! i sucked at this one tho lol 

The atmosphere of this game was amazing , with a little work the jumpscare could definitely get up there! 

this is gonna blow up! 

can't wait to see what you work on in the future! 

yes i did! i actually really enjoyed it, if only it were longer 

did we just make a deal with the devil? 

There's something in the grass! ../ 

i'll admit i should've played this game a long time ago! 

i may have to try and finally beat this game... hmm 

I would love to see a longer version of this game most definitely! 

made me wanna replay goat simulator lol 

What can we expect from the full game huh? 

Why is this game so hard LOL 

gotta love it 

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so i stumbled across this game and this happened lol 

The plot twist in this game has you thinking a bit i had fun with this one 

My attempt at this went exactly how you would think lol not how i would have liked

i had so much fun playing this game even when the spongebot kept working me over lol but end the end i was able to make it through 

i had to play this game, as i played all of his other games , and this one really got me ... i won't lie ... things got intense fast lol


Hey Deerpy i played your 100% original horror game on my channel before and saw this and i had to play it, it was a great experience overall, for a game made in three days, would have loved to see a longer product! i really enjoy your games, hopefully you can give this one a watch too 

Thanks for replying so fast! and that makes so much more sense lol , and i'm definitely gonna give the game another go i can't leave without passing that test haha, and i hope you enjoyed the video! .. another thing i wanted to say , is that you should add more to the game, like levels you know? cool game

I enjoyed this game so i had to make a video , it really got me at times lol 

At first look this game plays like portal, but with more of a challenge, i actually enjoyed this game and made a video on my YT channel