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That was a really fun game! My only complaint is that I wish it was longer.

I really like the concept. I think you should give the player a little more direct control over the power of the shot though. Overall a fun little experience!

Love it!

Yes it should. If it still doesn't then let me know and we can look into why that's happening. 

Wow that was intense! Great atmosphere and the crawling sections were great with the sound effects and everything. Loved it!


The purpose of the method here was to bring the call down to a single line since I used it in a few places in a project I was working on. I'm not sure how I could get the same effect without allocating either the game objects that are being checked or the components I'm pulling them from to memory. Any suggestions how to get around that?

What a peaceful game. Surprisingly stressful when you're running out of water though! Visually simple but well-executed. 

The zombie lair was difficult. Cool that there's a story and everything in a game jam game. Always nice to have that. The mechanics were solid. The giant bullet gun was fun but a little difficult to get a hang of. Overall this was a lot of fun!

I really enjoyed it but I'm having a hard time figuring out the connection to the theme. Great visuals style. Controls took a minute to get used to but were good. I loved the puzzle elements as the game progressed.

Gave me old Atari game vibes. I liked it but I had to mute the sound.

I really like the visuals. The control is a little floaty (which our game is guilty of as well to be honest). I often had a difficult time telling what was a platform I could jump on.

Very pleasing visuals even with the simple graphics. I got 45 as a high score after a couple plays.

Thank you for the detailed feedback. 

all right I tried again for both of you

ok added

not sure how to do on here

Got a bunch of stuff on here. I'd recommend looking at the Gastric Voyage soundtrack or my latest upload since they're game soundtrack stuff I did.

Oh sorry my bad.

Hey I wanted to join a team and make music for somebody's game. If you're interested hit me up!

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Yeah according to his latest video pre-made assets (including music) are fine.

Edit: Ignore me!

Checkpoints were definitely on my list of ideas that didn't make it into the game jam version. We're planning to expand on the game a little in an update to polish a few things.

Yeah I kind of phoned it in some on the UI. We plan on doing an update with a little more polish at some point and maybe another level or two.

Thank you! For the art, the backgrounds and characters were drawn by Jean while I did the level objects and pickup items.


I wanna make some music for practice. If you've got a small game project that needs a song or two hit me up!

Well that was frightening.

I loved it! This was a fantastic little puzzle game.

Definitely the weirdest Christmas game I've ever played. I thoroughly enjoyed it though!

This game is absolutely gorgeous!

Jumpscares got me (and in turn my kids when I jumped lol)

I love it!

Very cute game. My son got a kick out of the art style. I did have a bug where I ended up flying out of the level when respawning but it only happened once.

I made a gameplay video.

I like it! The limited view almost gave it a horror vibe once the aliens showed up. There is a little issue with the sound not looping properly for the rocket but other than that I had no complaints.

This was a tense, atmospheric experience and I did not expect the Siren Head appearance. Great work!

Full gameplay video

I absolutely love the mirror mechanic. It reminded me of Silent Hill Origins. I would love to see this idea expanded and maybe have some additional areas to explore. My only complaint is that the death cutscene goes on a little too long. Is there a way to skip it that I missed?

And I made a video:

did a video

That was surprisingly emotional. Thank you for making that.