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Played the newest update and man is it still just as fun as I remember, if not better! The new minigames were a treat, the music is amazing (especially during the Quacktastic End), and the art they added was just a treat. If you haven't played this game yet, you need to, especially with the newest version out. You won't regret it, I promise! Still highly recommend and 10/10

Hi Jamie! I figured it'd be easier to show a video of the issue, so I attached it here so you can see what I'm talking about. It's easier than trying to type an explanation, haha. I hope this helps you a little to try and figure out what's wrong.

Hello there, I'm having issues trying to play this game. I downloaded it to my windows PC, but the "down" button is perpetually being pressed, even though I'm giving no player input. To even hit begin, I had to counteract the action that kept hovering over escape by holding up and clicking my mouse. Once in the game, my character kept spinning in a circle while looking down. I couldn't break him out of it or stop it, though I could hit the menu button (but it always went to the very bottom input for Escape). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but that didn't help. I even tried playing it on a controller, but the same issues persisted. As it is, it's completely unplayable to me, so if you know what's wrong or how I can fix it, please let me know!

Replied to BOON in Duck Jam comments

Hi BOON! I just saw your comment here and on my YouTube, and I wanted to make sure I said thank you for responding, you made me day. :) I put my more detailed response to your message on my YouTube channel in the comments! I just wanted to reply to ya with a quick YOU'RE AWESOME here on Itch.io, too. ♡ 

I'm fashionably late to the Duck Jam party, since April Fools has long since come and gone, however, that didn't stop me from loving the heck outta this game! My only critiques are 1) that the Duck Dating Sim takes too long to read in the 5 second time crunch you're given as a player, so you're forced to either skim or completely guess (which I had to do a few times), and 2) the jump mechanic felt restricted, and was too heavy/precise often times when I was trying to jump through the cave system, so implementing a double jump would be nice.

Barring those, the other mini-games and general art style of the piece all felt like they belonged together, and though I died MANY times, I was still happy to play it through to completion (and get all 3 endings). Now, did anyone else get a "Click Clack Moo" feel from this game, or is that piece of childhood nostalgia being brought back just for me? Either way, I definitely recommend this game- great job Dev Team, I hope you win the Meta Game Jam! Please make more fun games together! 9/10

This looks like a wonderful game, and I would love to play it! I don't see a link or prompt to download the game, and when I went to the game jam website at https://globalgamejam.org/2017/games/quiet-little-things the .zip files said they "weren't associated with any files", thus giving me an error. If you would please put out a playable link or download for this game, I would love to play it ASAP. :)

It's a great gaming concept, but definitely needs some more time and development. The atmosphere is on point, but the execution of scares is missed. I kept expecting something to happen when nothing did. There should be a monster chasing the character after blood covers the door from the cat's death to prompt them to sprint to the open door at the end of the long corridor; also, the flashlight needs to be better implemented. I could not use my flashlight the entire time and be perfectly fine with seeing my environment, which is not how a flashlight should work. The demonic bunnies at the end were really cool, and I wish I had seen them more instead of just at the demo's finale. There's a lot of great stuff here though, despite the kinks, and I'm excited for the eventual full release to see how the game improved, and what really happened to the family on White Hill! As it stands for a demo, 6/10 (but I'm betting that score will go up with the game's full release).

The story is engrossing, the art is amazing, the color scheme is quite well done, the characters are very well developed, and it's one of those games that just makes you smile the entire time. If you haven't played it yet, I would highly recommend it, because it's an obvious labor of love on Brianna Lei's part. Trust me, you'll love it! I personally can't wait to play it through all the way to the finale. ♡ 10/10

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I can't use my mouse in the game- it won't let me look around, and when I use my left mouse button, it makes me look at the floor and spin in a circle. Can't figure out how to fix it, but would love to so I can play the game.