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Looking forward to the new version 0.07

Any predictions for the next update? I'm really looking forward to it. Also... i think, maybe this seems silly, but what about change hair color and/or more hairstyles? Anyway, have a great day and thanks for developing this amazing game for us

how do i increase my diplomacy?

Is there anything related to MalexMale here?

Hey, first thing first! Congrats for the amazing work, the game seems really good just on the demo! So please keep doing this incredible fuc*ing work :D 

I would like to say a few points... I think it would be very good have a CG gallery. I know it's possible to print, but if it wasn't a lot of work it would be amazing and easier.

I would also like to see "tips" after the choices I make... like, I choose 1st option and then a little heart shows up to tell me that this specific choice affect my "Love Personality". This may not seem so interesting at first glance, but I particularly love playing my dates games more than once, making different choices and seeing where they can take me... I saw that you would add a tab to see the current stats, so tysm in advance.

Hi! First thing first congrats for your amazing work! I would like to know the name of the CG's in order... Also the NasirxYoshi (no kink) isn't showing up in my gallery.