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One level? When you complete a painting a different one takes its place

Oh yeah a speedrun mode! Good idea

Did you try to fullscreen?

WASD doesn't work? That's weird

This game idea is SO COOL! The gameplay is extremely easy to understand and it's very fun to play. I didn't know where I had to go but I still enjoyed exploring Hyrolle!

Thanks! What was the bug?

Glad you liked it! Was the tutorial enough to understand all the mechanics?

So many traits for a 48h jam... How is it even possible?? Great game, love the art style!

It was really hard for me because I kept getting the jump key and the random key confused but I beated the game! The gamefeel is really good and the level design is great!

The tutorial is really well done, I understood exactly how the game is played and that is not very common in game jams so good job! I love the gameplay and I was sad that there wasn't more levels. 

(You should add an option to skip pawn movement animation because it breaks the pacing)

Noooo I died on the last day!!! It's a really cool concept and the art style, the story and the gameplay fits very well together!

I think the game is maybe too random, I feel like have don't really controll what I'm doing and it make it hard to strategies to make cool chain effect. But I think there is potential in this concept!

The concept is reaaaly cool, it's a clever twist on the turn based combat genre. 

The only problem is those GOD DAMN self healing wizards, they're not a real threat but they are so annoying to kill... I find that the difficulty curve is really good, I managed to beat the boss on my first run but it was still challenging and fun!

What have I done? Who am I to decide the fate of complete strangers?!

I think it would be better if the key to select (space) and the key to confirm (enter) are the same because they have the same function. Otherwise the art is cute and gameplay is easy to understand!

The power ups that you gain by doing certain combination of dice adds a cool extra layer of strategy to the Yahtzee! I think you could make the bar-fight gameplay interact more with the yahtzee part (like gaining extra dice by killing a boss for example).

So cute and relaxing I love it!

Thanks! I've just tried your game and it's a lot of fun too! I will work on a more complete and polished version of the game after the end of the voting period!

This is the most creative gameplay mechanic that I have seen for this jam, really good job and I love the artstyle!!!

We didn't have enough time to put the ending that we had in mind so we plan to finish this game after the votings ends! Thank you very much for the feedback, it's very helpful :)

Thank you for the feeeback! 

You lose all your dancers when you bump into a crowd of people. You have to throw a dancer at them before you hit them!

It was AWESOME! The game is realy well pollished and the gameplay is fun as hell, I love to grab enemies and send them back just when they're about to explode! The art and the music are very good too! Really enjoyed playing it!

The game that I made has similar grappling mechanic (although the context is a bit different),.

You should make screen shake smaller because it become very confusing when you attack a lot. But I really like the concept!

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I don't know why but it was very relaxing. Thank you for making this game I needed it ^^!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!


Thank you very much! Your game was pretty fun too!

Niiiice! Good pixel art, good writing, good concept! You should maybe just add a preview to see i much the bars will decrease next turn

Ooooh you're right they really look like Zero Punctuation characters! I guess I took inspiration subconsiously! And sorry for the messy tutorial we didn't had much time because we change idea mid jam!

Thank you very much!

It's not very hard to do a browser version with Unity!

Very good game design!  The idea is incredible and the artstyle is beautiful! Nice sound design too! Good job!

OMG the cutscene is AWESOME! 

The idea is very cool but when you run out of ammo there is nothing you can do, you should maybe add a weak mele attack which reload your gun. 

And the game needs music for the game part because after the wonderful cutscene music it feel a bit silent. 

The art style is really great! Good job!


THAT'S SO COOL!!! Thank you very much!

Screenshakes, enemies blinking when they're hit, sound design: The game feel is really good!

I think you could add more complexity to the gameplay because it becomes a bit repetitive after a while. Maybe try adding different enemy type or power-ups for the player!

The game gets quite hard toward the end and I nearly ragequit when a slime destroyed my rocket at 1900 points.

I beat it anyway tho:

WOOOAAA THE GAME FEeEeEL, the game is super polished and I really enjoyed playing it! I love your art style, it is very cute and the color palettes are beautiful! I think you should add a damage upgrade because these STUPID MONSTERS have a lot of hp! 

Great game!

We limited the SPACE bar! (And yes the boss is a bit too hard, I should have play test MORE)

Really?! In the browser?