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This first day at work makes me uneasy... Maybe I shouldn't have desperately accepted the first job I found ^^

Great work ! I really get into the experience

Interesting mechanic :)

Thank you :)

Thank you :) 

Impressive !

I really like survival game so I definitely love it :D

I like the visual style :)

Great game ! The music makes me on fire !

Interesting intro ! It makes me want to know more about the story :)

Awesome intro !! :O

My best score until now is 37 but with a bit more practice I will do better :)

Yay ! Congratulation for TAKING THEM DOWN !!

I am so happy that you enjoy what came out of my first jam and I can't wait to participate again :)

Thank you ! :)

Thank for your feedbacks and support during the jam ! Too bad I didn't manage to code them all but I am glad I could submit something for my first jam