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this is great for an npc! if you can make otters animations this will be use for the player. u are greate

maybe for now...


this is... s u s

waiting for updates, ur grate!

thank you for make a masterpiece like this!

helloo! its only objs o there is a material?

you are the messias

gracias! Si no me dio tiempo a crear mas niveles y pensaba hacer que dispare magia para cuando este demasiado lejos😏, pero no me dio el tiempo, ya lo terminare con calma ahoraxd

your work is great! i dont know how to draw pixel art, but ia want something like you game!

works on unity?

this is the best thing that i going to use

jajaja no me dio tiempo a terminar, gracias!

this is awesome dude!

Helo! all of they are blurry, and i really want to use them, can you have another link or something?

no logro identificar el capitan del espacio, o no me digas que...

y el fulvo?

i dont know why, but that fix the problem, thank you so much for you help! when i finish my proyect i will donate you!

You will make more of this? Because this is better than epic

hi! im using the 2020-3.12f1 unity.

Hi! this is amazing, but i have a problem whit the FULL_AUTO assault rigle, is fuzzy and i tried everything that i can think