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Great job!  In the past you can say logic gates confused me, but this game really cleared things up.
The puzzles were fun to solve, and I really like the design of the confoosimals.

Oooh, this is really neat!
Tetris like stacking with platforming was a great combination, I also liked how you did the story bits.

The character creator is awesome!  I really like all the possibilities that changing around traits open up.  I see a lot of potential with this.

The music is absolutely fantastic, and the gameplay quite smooth.   I really like how your ship is visually damaged upon getting hit.

The map was a-maze-ing, and you can say the last part really put a spring into my step.
Haha, though really, I immensely enjoyed it.  The puzzles, the builds, the side quest and hidden collectables were all well made.   At the end I finished with enough coins for level 3, had I thought to look around more carefully during the last part I would've been at level 4.   I wasn't ready to stop playing soooo... I found the rest of the coins to reach level 5.   Great job Potato!