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As an absolute Beau stan, I am so thankful rn. I need to draft up some fan art in preparation for his route, like asap!!! <3


I love her design tbh!! She's an interesting character! Not a good person, persay but deffo an interesting character. 

Her character dynamic with everyone is so intriguing. It's like watching a snake slowly choke it's prey. She is a snake but she's gorgeous.

So, I got bored this morning and decided, HEY! I have make up, wigs and dresses. Y'know what I can do? A closet cosplay!!

It's extremely closet but I still do like how it turned out. I may continue to refine it but I deffo wanna cosplay more characters from this game, especially Robin and Blue Rose !!

Can't wait for more content btw, you rock! 

Sort of an irrelevant question but are any of the characters LGBTQIA+?

Hm, I've mostly been focusing on Jeremy and literally just after the first date with him finished, the game froze. Maybe it has something to do with that? I downloaded the demo on: 26/05/2017. My computer is a Windows.

Of course I still love the game. It's really well-done and seeing as it is just a demo, it's understandable that there are a few bugs!

The game is amazing! Er, but whenever I get to December 22, it freezes and I'm forced to exit the game. Even when I open up my save files, it still freezes. 

I have to ask, what year is the game set in? It just doesn't have that modern vibe, you know? With the forums and the CD's, it feels like it's set in the 90's or 80's.

So, will Rose still have a crush on Wizz if you've romanced him? I'm curious!