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After you collect all 5 things thats it, there's no explicit ending, we didnt have enough time to make that

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We made a slav driving game with unorthodox controls

Really enjoyed the mechanic of balancing the ghosts and looking where you re going. I feel like if there was more variety in the types of hazards and obstacles you encounter, this could be a great  full sized game.

Absolutely hilarious, great job guys!

This game is absurd, but in a good and entertaining way, and it was a lot of fun! If you add more content and polish up the ricochet mechanic, this would be absolutely amazing!

 The game was fun and decently challenging and i really like the visuals and sound design. Great job!

Very simple but incredibly polished.  There's really nothing bad about it i could find whatsoever, great job! Might be a bit more fun if there was more than just one move the people in the crowd can do.

The game looks and sounds very nice, the idea is pretty interesting, but the moment to moment gameplay falls flat sometimes and some of the deaths felt kinda cheap.

The graphics and animation were amazing and i really enjoyed the mechanic of drawing your path before moving, however, it doesn't seem to be used to its full potential. I'd love to see a more polished up version of the game. 

the movement mechanics in this game are incredibly unique and unusual, however i foud their execution to be somewhat subpar and inconsistent at times.  The levels were pretty neat and overal your game was interesting!

well that sucks, gona look into it once we get back to working on textreme

i guess you can code absolutely anything with it. As of now, it doesnt have any in-built syntaxis(can be added if you really want to) or a compilator, so you can do whatever you want, from writing code in x86 assembly language to writing short stories or whatever you need to do.

This game makes you question your sanity and the reason why you are playing it. Drifting through the ocean  without an end. Why are you cathing the fish that are just minding their own buisness? Just to make them suffer? Not even eating them or doing anything with them. Their  death have no reason or consequence. This game gives you only one choice - to inflict suffering upon others out of boredom or just walk away, and i would rather choose inaction.

Made this in about 7 hours

This game is buggy and clearly unfinished. However, it feels very genuine and it clearly shows someone cared about it, I wholeheartedly enjoyed it. I feel like it has some great potential and, if finished  and refined, could be an amazing game that i would pay money for.

Hello, the reason why it kept crashing is because this is a Godot project. After looking through the page i realized this wasn't mentioned anywhere.  Also, I'm impressed it launched at all! 
I will not be porting it to Unity, however, i can explain how the trickiest part(locating the cursor on screen) works if you want to recreate it.

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Yes, both the sound designer who made them and one of the devlopers from Vlambeer allowed us to use them

Thanks for the suggestions! We've just uploaded a a version with tweaked difficulty and combo names, also screenshake.

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Thanks! It's quite refreshing to see someone actually look into the game :) .

By the way, you actually can get more than 10, its just that your energy starts todecay so that you can stockpile huge ammounts of it.

I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but by the end of the jam the game was broken and not fun at all. That's why I'm removed it and remaking it right now. I think you'll have to give this submission a pass. If I manage to complete the remake before the judging ends I'll try to notify you.

That's a feature that we were going to explain to the players in the later parts of the game. Originally it wasn't intended but after we found out that with this bug and enough skill you were able to wall climb, pogo-jump and perform way more impressive things than without it we decided to keep it.

The puzzle mechanics are easy to understand and fun to play with. The graphics and the animations are nice and fluid too. Overal this is a nice complete and finished game.

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 nope, it was deleted because your game was obviously created outside of the time constraints of the jam. Plus it wouldnt 

be fare to compare it to games made in 48 hrs.

what he said

Yet another reimagining of classic pong.  The graphics are simple yet stylish and the  gameplay is pretty self explanantory. One thing i'd like to note however, is how meaty the impacts feel. I'm sure quite a bit of time went into perfecting how this game feels. 

P.S. The distribution of roles in the credits is pretty ironic.

I'm shocked anyone found this feature. To be honest even we'd forgotten about it.

We are porting the game to Godot 3.0 right now. When it's done, making new levels will be faster and easier, so there's more coming soon.

Thanks for the feedback. The levels presented in the demo are going to be changed soon  and  we'd like to overlook the tutorial to make it easier to understand. 

I feel like the player is the pet in this game.

Teach the camera some manners

Would be awesome on mobile if you add a bit more  speed and controll to the game.

This is an excelent art project

As someone who values gameplay the most, I'd like to say that this game is brilliant. This is the most fun I've had in a multiplayer game  in a while! The mechanics are fun, yet easy to understand. I'd also like to note how much effort went into improving the gamefeel. This game feels like a breath of fresh air, I'm sure it would sell like hotcakes with some proper marketing and a slight change in the visuals.

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The controls are pretty solid, the game feels great and the ideas present allow for some great meatboy esque level design  where you speed down a level in 1 continuous motion.

However, I've noticed that a lot of such level design potential is wasted. The first level is pretty smart in terms of how it presents the game's ideas. However, the second level is where I quit. The level in an of itself is decent, however, the place where the player is respawned is fucked up in every way. The spike in the beginning defeats all the speed I might've enjoyed and makes trial and error INFURIATING. Please overlook your level design and after a bit of polish this may just turn out to be the next big thing.

P.S. Adequate controller support would add a lot to the experience.

The game perfectly captures the melancholy of leaving your past life behind and moving on.  I don't often appreciate games without gameplay, however this one was just right in every way.

We would like to know your opinion 

Post any suggestions for future development, things you wish were in the game or the problems you've encountered.

Boomchick is still in the early stage of its development, so we are eager to hear what you want us to improve on.

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Thanks for the feedback, we'll take a closer look at the difficulty and change the controls by the next version.

P.S. You can restart a level at any tjime by pressing 0.  However this will be subject to change.