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Le Pandartichaut

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Okay, I get what happened. This is simply because the game was installed in a folder called "Jeux indés". The problem was caused by the letter "é". I think that the program did not understand this character correctly and didn't start correctly.

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With the new version you uploaded, I get this error message. It seems that the game can't open one of the audio files.

And the techdemo works, also.

Also, avast tried to quarantine the game's exe.

I downloaded it manually and extracted it from the zip file, so the problem isn't there.

I'm on a ASUS laptop. I don't know what you need to figure out what my problem is, so here are the specifics of my system.

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I bought this game recently and I can't run it on my PC. A window opens for a split second and closes instantly. Do you have any idea what's causing my problem? Please help me, this game looks so cool...