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A member registered Jun 27, 2021

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tru :P

Saw the bug while translating the game XD,but still,great work!

I've played the game for about 4-5hours and got all the endings

I gotta say,the game is just amazing,and It's pretty "samu style"to me.9.5/10 would recommend, though I gotta say,I spent an hour on searching all the teammates that could be
recruited(and finally found them all through searching the game files : C)

(I think)The sentinel is kinda hard to recruit due to the fact that the orb that's used to help him can only be found after you passed the cave :/

The music and the sounds are great,and the atmosphere is fantastic, though I kinda had a hard time trying to figure out what's going on,and what's the whole story about.

( I've actually can't even understand what the game's title is about, maybe some hints or explanation? :p)

But still,great game, already recommended to my friends. : D