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I really enjoyed it the graphics and the enviroment are superb really well done! It's an awesome endeavor for just being your work :D

Clearly all the prototype jaggies are there but they were not even to bothering, I have one question on the combat that I haven't understood. When you press reapedlety the left or right mouse button do you put different charges into the attack? or does it trigger the same kind of strike?

Again wow job and keep up :D

11 patient! love it I'm with others that more stages would be very welcome :D

Thank you! :)

Let's go doctor! :D

glad you like it :)

I'll be looking into making an executable for Linux. The engine is Game maker studio 2 and I hope it allow me to make the package for other Os

REally cool atmosphere, soundeffects!

I was thinking about it was strangely too dark then all the lights effects start coming toghether wonderful:)

Im really a mess at mking tutorial >.<

So have you reached the bottom of the level and see a moving platform? You need to plant a check point on it then die to respawn on the otherside to go to the next level!

:) happy you liked it anyway

Wonderful game :D

you need to collect 100 point and then use the checkpoint on the moving platform on the bottom of the level to go to the next part. Glad you enjoyed :D

Thank you! Nope I have installed it somedays ago but not using it yet

So nice!

Love the art and the simple gameplay, well done :D

cool stuff! :)

Cool idea :)

Lovely <3 56 for now my record!

Soundtrack is ace, and it's so cool all round, well done!

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Made it! Loved the 3rd level :) the 4rth was a bit harsh though!!!

Beautiful game well done could play some more levels 5 star

It's hard to distinguish betwen artistic and commercial. And most of the time is very subjective.

Maybe it could be Projects / Commercial?

But I like the softer change that you propose, there has gonna be wider solution for creator to display their game.

Cool! Animation look so nice. Would love to make a level with it but I have to learn unity >.<

A Wild Sprite is an adventure/platformer, this is just a first level what I would like to develop would be an open world platformer that let you interact with weird entities and events to unveil the secrets of it's world. But it is a long and hard way(with many technical difficulties that I cannot yet overcome) so this is a more straightfoward level left to right.The inspiration come from Super Mario and Dark Souls, one for it's moment to moment happy gameplay and the other for it's interconnetted worldbuilding.

You take the role of a glimpse of energy that took control of his new squared body, on the footprints of who it is and what is the world around.

This is a prototype so I would love some tips :D

-Controller is extremely reccomended(but can play with keys too)

-Checkpoint mechanics = gather 100 energy to recall the Gates on your position(dosent work mid air or in some specific point)

-Run & Stomp = you run can run to incredible speed if you find the way, and while on mid air by pressing the jump button and the run button you can crush the ground

-Book of Storms

-Dress yourself in the Cave Wardrobe 

-Speedrun it if you can :) (I have yet to put a clock in it) 

Here Some Trailer andLink


You are a tiny bit of energy in a square, and you just moved your first steps on the Chord Bridge.

Explore and jump toward the other side of this forgotten place.

Would love some feedback, working on world building for this game is lovely and would like to get it open world but it's a lot of effort and time so for now we put out this little slice of the game!

How do I beat the boss!!!?!?

Finished now,

some moments were really tense beacause I had 2 weapon broken and low on ammo and had to resort on sword and pistol(you gave normal pistol a way to shine! love the skills kunai and hologram) a bit reminiscent of RE4 ammo management, the whole weapon sistem is really creative, I love it.I wonder how nice would be in roguelike or open world would be supercool even not easy to balance.

But let's not get over myself, truly enjoyed it and wait for more levels :D

Thank you for all the inputs, there's this problem to solve and I have to set a max speed(mostrly sure that's the problem with freeze)

The spin attack dosn't prompt enemy to shoot and destroy enemy projectile(as the challenge presented you're right it'isnt too useful)

There are two endigs, we'll try to make it more clear how to obtain the first one.

This is a kinda demo game and it is pretty short and based on abstract-puzzle, making some improvement based on your suggestion now,

soon we'll upload a new version.

Now onto your second level!!


The only issue I have is some lines appearing horizontally, it dosen't seem screen tearing.

Hope you flesh out more levels and new variety of area because the core gameplay is so good. Haven't dipped into the upgrades too much but there seem to be a lot of customization :D

Finished level 1 later im gonna kill the 2nd ;)

Keep up awesome work!

Love the concept of open world top shooter :D

How to aim in other direction? Mouse?

We didn't use the drag and drop feature, the error was to trust the built in variable for speed.

Yeah was trying to put toghether a fish dream in a bowl, vagueness of the dream of little golden fish wondering about a war against the props in the bowl with some friends he never had.

When you blow up your fishes or they get done you have time to recover them before they are forever gone when they touch the ground, we really enjoyed working with this strange health system and would really like to expand on it as you could have many kind of fish that work as Gradius series Options with a health system latched on but we have to find a way to reworke the collision from scratch.

At somepoint yesterday we were about to do it but it was a long and unpredictable path.

Yep my gripe is about it's standard attack there's almost no telegraph to make the player aware that is attacking(may it be a sound, animation or something else)

Maybe I just suck(still haven't beat it >.<) but I would have liked a bit more time to dodge the attack!

Love the artstyle, hoping you continue and do something like Enviromental station alpha :D

As grn said the main problems I found are the speed of the player, and the boss does not telegraph the attack in anyway having to wait for the roll to be charged to dodge them.

I survived 6 minutes :D really like the idea, and it has been fun to play hunting for power ups and health meanwhile hearding all the enemies submarines. Forever hunted but you are the hunter.

Things that need to be ironed out

-movement(sometimes feels like it dosent respond to an input and need to press more times to change direction)

-different bullets for enemies 

-power up queque maybe

keep up the good work!

music create nice atmosphere get you fueled up and the boss fight Is really cool.

Could be extended in a boss rush kind of game. I didn't mind so much the lack of normal enemy the mines were a nice preparation to get the basic mechanics

well done ;)

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Here you can download it now

it does not allow me to do it. it says you can reupload it when the Jam is over

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With the last upload I didnt notice that I had checked stretch instead of aspect ratio ^^; 

will upload the newer version

Is it possible to reupload the version as for now it just deleted the old one?