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Thanks, i found another  folder of the game somewhere while waiting for the crazy long download time so i can play again...xd

Alright, I tried downloading from this site, with 264kbs at my disposal, 

 clicked download win10, then it said 10 hrs with 600 bytes or 4kbs wtf

Fix this lol

is the game gonna be free forever? or you are gonna make it paid after the ALPHA stage? By the way... i like eggs.


This version is the free, beta 5 Its pretty old like a few months ago, they made the more cool version paid to support development, sad

Nice good luck im instaling it rigt now, i cant buy terraria but ill hope its good...Hope it will continuE its development!

i was just doing stuff.... idk. Its just nothing im nothing lol i dontk now why i commented that realy lol

How to find legendary problems?

Lol i just got bored