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That's really good for a few days of work - awesome!

This game is really cool. I would love to see more monsters and environment interactions / puzzles to reveal new monsters to snap!

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Hi EvenNote, thank you so much for playing. I'm happy that we made something that speaks to you - one heart to another. Take care and always know that depression isn't you even if it's a part of your life.

We're working on more games this year, I should actually add our newsletter sign up on the game page. It will be the best way to learn about our new game releases.

I loved the art and the music in this game - it's beautiful.

That said, the game design needs work. There are complaints about the game being boring. I don't think the game is boring as much as it is frustrating. The system that generates the totems ( relics? ) that you are supposed to find make the game repetitive. I suggest not generating them one by one. It seems like once you find one, a new one then pops up on the map somewhere ( or an event triggers a new totem to pop up ). This means that the things that I'm trying to find will pop up in places that I have already explored. The very last one is the most frustrating to find since it is basically generated somewhere on the map in a completely random location. Seeing as there are no clues, and seeing as I went around and explored many areas soaking in the wonderful narrative, you aren't challenging me as a player at this point - the system becomes unbalanced.

Furthermore, I started to become numb to the beautiful music and art since I was randomly checking places that I had already been countless times before.

I suggest putting the totems /relics in set locations versus generating them one after another. Put them all on the map and don't move them or make them appear in any order. I guarantee this will help you with players who say they feel lost or bored.

In the end, I didn't find the last totem / relic because I realized the system isn't fair to the player and I stopped playing. I really wanted to see the ending.

This game would get my top regards with that one change to the game design, and I would play again to finish it.

β™₯ Hey everyone β™₯
If you haven't played already, come check out Thirteen & Half Cats. It's now in Spanish, French & English!
Translation feedback is appreciated.


I played against PouleyKetchoup and I won. But did I really win? ;]
It was a nice little experience. It seems like a game that was made for a jam to experiment and learn from and that's cool.

This game could really go somewhere. Seriously. Just with 3 enemies and the current dialogue, I am super intrigued with the possible outcomes. With that said, the only drawback is how the outcomes are determined.

Game Mechanics:
I think the outcomes are detemined randomly. I wouldn't mind if, for example, the knight would always lose to arrows and always win against the fireball. Having a random outcome kind of kills the strategy / memory aspect of the game. Unless I'm missing something and the outcomes aren't actually random?

Audio Experience:
The music is great, but it doesn't loop. I missed the music once it fell silent.

Game Graphics:
The graphics are great! I love the messenger bird. And how he's so slow when he walks in to deliver bad news. And that's his job - to deliver bad news over and over again.  You don't need crazy graphics. Everything is minimal and splendid.

I had a really good time playing this game. I really want to see it work. If you changed the outcomes to something more simple ( knight + fireball = knight wins ) I would definately reccomend to anyone. I laughed a lot with the dialogues and with the overall mood of the game. If you want to add a level of complexity in the future, the messenger can give more details about enemies. For example: a knight on a horse - a knight on a horse may be immune to zombies or whatnot.

Thanks for playing and making this video Skydjinn, I'm happy that the story reached you. I saw the few comments on YouTube, and it's true - this game is simple and linear. Keeping that in mind, this game was made for the people who need the story, and the peaceful / grounded feelings that you mentioned up top.

Thanks for playing, and keep doing what you do! Team Nekomatata is sending warmth your way.

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Oh my thank you for your kind words! We're so happy about you making this video :] Looks like we need to pull out the popcorn. Game-play watching time - hooray!

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That means a lot to us :] Thank you for playing this game and listening to our story. We learn something new each time we get the opportunity to watch a gameplay on video.

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Hey fellow game devs.
I remember what is was like when I first started 3D and especially when I first started to rig my game characters for animation.
Check Nekomatata's Easy Rigging in Blender tutorial series.

Each video is focused on a topic and you'll learn what you need in ~10 mins or less - no joke.
There are 4 videos in the series so far, and more are on the way!

I'm so happy to hear that! Phew! And thank you for not giving up on playing. I'm glad that you had a good experience.

If you know what version of Windows you have on your older computer that would be helpful for us. We may be able to find the reason, or help others in the future by knowing your previous Windows version.

In other news we have a functioning mobile version, so in the near future, people will have even more options to play.

Hey again MelonKitty, are you using 32bit windows or 64bit?
Also if you have a moment, can you go into the unzipped game folder and send us the information in the [ ThirteenAndHalfCats/ThirteenAndHalfCats_Data/output_log.txt ]

This may help us to uncover the problem.
Also, it's annoying, but the data may be corrupt. Maybe downloading and reinstalling the game will help. You know, the old "Turn it off and turn it back on again" lol.
Thanks for your patience!

Hey Micz! We just finished playing your game, good job on submitting. It was a bit difficult for me to get the hang of it, but when I understood, playing began to be easier.

One thing I might suggest is adding a story or explanation about why your game works the way out does. Maybe there's a giant inter-dimensional monster that is trying to get somewhere without destroying villages. Something like that might speak ideas for you and make the game concept easier to grasp.

SaΓ―dia was so beautiful! The puzzles were fun to play through. It was tough to wrap my mind around switching the characters, but it was a good challenge. I liked the way you used freezing the player that you aren't controlling as a mechanic!

And done! A YouTube soundtrack was added to the page:

Thanks for the great suggestion.

For sure CyberTaco! We'll put a soundtrack together for Thirteen & Half Cats when we have a moment. In the meantime, I'll provide a link to the creators on the game page.

Thanks for playing  and sharing :D I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself.

Thanks Tartle :] I'm happy that it has moved you. We really wanted to make a story that resonated with us and left room for your feelings too as a player. Thank you so much for playing, and thanks for combining  your game jam with ours.

Hi! Sorry for such a late reply. Can you send us a screenshot, and if you're up for it let us know if you're using Mac / Windows  or Linux?

Thanks for sharing this with us, you may not be the only person with this problem!

Oh my! We were so wrapped up in jamming on our next game we totally missed this!
I appreciate this so much! Thank you, and sorry for taking a whole week to reply :]

We're still working on updates ( better clues from the friendly red witch ) and we're almost done with adding support for another language.
I can't wait to watch this video - just wow!

The game is available for download now :]

Created a new topic Bug Reports
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Cut a rug, share a bug.

Password: wgj


Created a new topic Wanna be in the credits?
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The first 100 gamers to play Thirteen & Half Cats and comment here will be credited as an itch.io supporter in the game! We'll add the names (itch handles) once we hit 100 different gamers in this thread so be sure to share your experience!

Your play-throughs really matter to us and they keep us doing what we do.

Thank you,
~Team Nekomatata

Created a new topic More Weekly Game Jam Info
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Hey all!
Weekly game jam is teaming up with Remember the Dead (Day of the Dead) Jam this week:
If you make a game for this jam, you may automatically submit to WGJ's week 15!

If you would like more info about WGJ - here's our site:
And our Discord β€

Hey Skydjinn, we made an update to the game to iron out a few kinks. So there are some better animations and controls (although no new content). If you're interested in comparing the experience now with the previous, feel free to play.

Sure did!

This experience got pretty intense! I liked making crispy orcs, haha.

One thing I would like, is a review screen with my final score. That way I can screenshot it and share.

Wish List
I wish my dragon could have a skill with a cool-down, like dash or leap.
I liked my lil dragon so much, by the way.  Could there be a secret ending someday where she escapes?

Haha! Loved it. I went to the poker den and said "Go all in!" lol

The art is very lovely. I like all of the animals and card illustrations.

Here's a part where I derped a bunch!

Wow! This was a challenge to beat, but I'm glad I made it through. I enjoyed playing and I liked the flow of the game. The HP and checkpoints were nicely managed.

The atmosphere and sounds are great!

Thank for your quality review! I apologize that we switched to the forum comment style and that's why your video was no longer there. I appreciate that you took the time to comment again!

Replied to Skydjinn in Soot comments

Thanks for this wonderful review! Your playthrough was great to witness. It's probably a part of making a video review, but thanks for speaking out loud about what you were thinking. It will help us to shape the experience for the next update.

Thanks Penguin! Did you get to the end?

I agree with keeping the camera vertically locked on the player. Currently the player's ability is limited by how far down they can go before they can't see themselves :P

Still, great work though!

Have you guys played any of these 90's relics?


It looks like you all worked really well as a team! Your end game is so pretty. I love to see the little features that came out of the jam discussions (the keyboard settings and key selections).

The art is lovely, my favorite part is your choice in colors - a warm green with cool red - sweet!

There's also a lot of detail in the audio. One thing I would look at is balancing the sound effects.

Such a cool concept. Again, I can absolutely see this as a typing or keyboard challenge game.