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Where do i find the earth crystal??

They are already working on it. ALL of us think that it is a good idea👍

Duuude, that's a neat idea. I think that it would spice up the game's plot!

btw what is the difference between version 20 and normal?

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what about a scythe or a sickle head as a variant of the two ingots axe?  (as I said like, four months ago) i don't think it's too hard to do and it could be a nice start off for the 0.1.0 update. and maybe the idea of a recipe for a KEY to open the secret doors.

what about schyte heads?  Like a gream reaper one or just to harvest wheath

Btw i'm stuck in 0.0.82 version and i don't know how to download 0.0.9b, can you help me?  Thanks Dasius, your game is amazing