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I had the same thing with my save files, and I think it was mentioned somewhere in the patch notes/on their tumblr (I think) that it requires a new save due to updated images/text in earlier chapters. I had to overwrite my old saves to and that solved it for me! I'm not sure about not being able to skip text, but for the game to work after this update you need to start a new save. Hope this helps! :)

I've just finished the game for the first time (finally!), following August's route, and I am so glad I found it last year! It really is a brilliant game and I have no regrets about re-buying it earlier this year when the price change was announced. The story was gripping and the art was absolutely stunning! I can't wait to go back and playthrough the different options and follow a different romance route.

Thank you so much for this game! It has become one of my favourites and I cannot emphasise just how truly wonderful it is!