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This game is pretty    E P I C

If i knew how to build things for rpi then i would as i do have a spare rpi4 4gb lying around

Would it be possible to compile a build for rpi, because they do contain ARM CPUs and minecraft can be built for rpi, seeing as they are both made in java (i think) would it be possible?

that's a bit surprising cause for me it ran fine but i'm lower spec than you, maybe the build of the game was more optimised for nvidia cards and intel CPU's but that wouldn't make sense

what are your PC specs?

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your controllers do still work in game, but for some reason you can't see your hands, you can see the guns though (if you can figure out where your hand is and then pick up a gun)

This game is pretty cool, the best bit is async multiplayer, but the gun realism is also quite good and makes the game quite a bit more immersive.

would you be fine if i were to use this in the production of a free game if i reference you for making the sound if i use it?

Oh and sorry about seeming so annoyed, its just windows mixed reality loses where you are in your room as soon as you look down to pick something up

Thanks for the reply.

how the hell do I make money and the game is bloody hard without being able to teleport or walk around

Hello, this is also my first jam, would you like to do art for our game?

if i need some music i'll make sure to ask you :), my development account is the two rooks not this one