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I need the continuation to thiis

I just think the controls are a little uncomfortable, the E I don't think it's a good place, you have to move your hand everytime, instead of using the free hand(or the space or shift, so you don't have to move your fingers every every time). I don't know but it's the thing that has anoyed me a little. The enviroment it's nice and I like everything else, beautyfull and interesting. 

That was so awesome to be made by one person! I really get adicted until there was no more to do in the game, but I enjoyed so much. I can't be  a patreon but I'll be looking forward to the finished game and I'll pay WHATHEVER IT TAKES  for it. The music suddenly(or when it finished) stops for a time,  and stops a little the enviroment. That¡s the only "bug" I saw. I'm so in love with the characters and animals ,and everything! lot's of cheers