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There seems to be a bug in two player though. Very cool otherwise, great unofficial port.
There are three ships shown and when one of the player ships gets hit, one of those three ships get removed, even though each player has three ships. A bit confusing.

There needs to be something between 101 and 110. It is like going from above normal to below normal without normal.

Fun so far.

Hi, please add a windowed mode, or have that the default. You run it in full screen with low settings, and I don't see a way to change that. That messes up my second monitor, everything is pushed off the side. I can't play it like this.

It could be, he made it in Unity, and he has win in the download demo file name.

Only real gamers have gamepads. ^.^

ArcadeCar community » Feedback · Created a new topic Stearing

If you start from a stop, full gas for a second with full stear, then let off the gas the car straightens out and skids. Very strange.

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You could use Wine for Linux. MacOS-X is even easier, they have Windows 10 emulators that run apps in a Mac window for each app.

I do plan on one day compiling it for Linux, but never Mac. I'll never own an Apple device again, and I'll never support Apple in any form, so no dice there I'm afraid.

You don't want users playing this on hardware?

PAL only?! I live in the US...

Good, good.

I get a 404 on that unrated link.

Thank you!

Clicking download still does nothing.

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Wow great game! The background, environment and icon graphics are freaking amazing! Looks like you ran out of time with the portrait graphics. haha.

The music is very spooky, I love the music.

Wow thank you!

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Sweet! I'll check that out later.

Thank you! You can see what I had planed in the Game Notes in the source code. Life got in my way as it often does. It took about a weeks worth of time from me so I cut many of the features. 

I was thinking more of a top down version of Eve Online. What it reminded me of when I tried it the first time years ago.

I think I will turn this into a real game. Work on it in my spare time.

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There were many features I did not get time to add. Life got in the way.

I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

You can find the game notes in the source code.

This game is great! I hope you make this a real game!

Fun game, reminds me of a sped up and simplified River Raid.

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Thank you!

Nope, check out the github link, you can see all the games I've made. I've not made many using Xenko though.
I love Elite. I'll check it out if there is an English version.

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I'm saying the Download link does not download anything. How are people to play it if you don't release the binary version? There are hundreds of games to play, we don't have time for anything else.

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So for Windows you download the one in Japanese? Are both in Japanese?

Wow, what a strange game.

I love this game! Great fun. Just one thing, it is too easy to not overheat the gun. I think the game is a little to easy.

Dang rotating the ship makes me dizzy. Fun concept.

I get this when I run the exe.

Where is the download?

The game wont download.

Your question is already answered above. Read the FAQ.

Cute, explosions would have made the game. 

Yeah, becomes unplayable on the first wave when there are about three enemies lift. I'm on a 4Ghz Octacore with 32GB RAM and a Strix 970. A cute idea, but not well implemented.

I'm so stalking you in hope that you will take your Dare and turn it into a released game.

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This is great. You must make this for android, in the same art style please. ^.^

Very addicting. I can't stop playing it! I hope this comes out on Android!

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I'm afraid I may have to drop out. Life and health issues got in the way. I've not been able to work on my project in days.

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Thanks! I ran into a few snags, but I think I can move forward. I just got done making the Cockroach, one of the first things you encounter. (Ignore the Xenko box, that was just for testing.)

Demake JAM community · Created a new topic Game on.
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I've decided I'm going to demake Fallout 4. Going to use Voxel like graphics, and going to be a 3D top down camera. I think I'll call it There Be Bombs, at least that is the code name if nothing else. I'm going to use Xenko 3 to make the game (Now MIT open source) because it makes things easier, and faster. I already did some prototyping in it to make sure I could do this in a few days.

I think just doing one indoor area for the jam, and later add outside, and many more areas as time goes on.

Wish me luck!

What is the rank for Dev?

Yeah, I had planned to finish this after the jam but stuff came up. It is still planned. Controls are the first thing I plan on improving.

I'm glad you enjoy it! Yars' Revenge! is one of my favorite Atari 2600 games.