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Your question is already answered above. Read the FAQ.

Cute, explosions would have made the game. 

Yeah, becomes unplayable on the first wave when there are about three enemies lift. I'm on a 4Ghz Octacore with 32GB RAM and a Strix 970. A cute idea, but not well implemented.

I'm so stalking you in hope that you will take your Dare and turn it into a released game.

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This is great. You must make this for android, in the same art style please. ^.^

Very addicting. I can't stop playing it! I hope this comes out on Android!

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I'm afraid I may have to drop out. Life and health issues got in the way. I've not been able to work on my project in days.

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Thanks! I ran into a few snags, but I think I can move forward. I just got done making the Cockroach, one of the first things you encounter. (Ignore the Xenko box, that was just for testing.)

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I've decided I'm going to demake Fallout 4. Going to use Voxel like graphics, and going to be a 3D top down camera. I think I'll call it There Be Bombs, at least that is the code name if nothing else. I'm going to use Xenko 3 to make the game (Now MIT open source) because it makes things easier, and faster. I already did some prototyping in it to make sure I could do this in a few days.

I think just doing one indoor area for the jam, and later add outside, and many more areas as time goes on.

Wish me luck!

What is the rank for Dev?

Yeah, I had planned to finish this after the jam but stuff came up. It is still planned. Controls are the first thing I plan on improving.

I'm glad you enjoy it! Yars' Revenge! is one of my favorite Atari 2600 games.

No, not at the time. I did not know it was supported. I'll try it again another time.

Nope. I don't even know what the fire button is because it was firing even if as I started the game before I touched a button.

I could not control it using the Xbox controller or Keyboard. Unplayable. The music is too loud too. Not really like Zaxxon at all.

The scale needs work. The drone is too large, and you place the things you are supposed to hit on top of the energy pickup. Decent job though. One of my favorite games from the Atari 2600.

I could not figure out how to control the game.

Excellent take on an very old classic.

I could not get the player to move. I could only point where it shoots.

Very nice! So many memberberries! This is great! Such a good recreation of the original! Any plans on adding network play? ^.^

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  1.  One shot wonder.
  2.  Inside Out.
  3.  Change is good.
  4.  Electric Dream.
  5.  Hold to charge.
  6.  Steady Aim.
  7.  Balance is life.

On a side note, is there anyway we can haz Discord server?

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You take the well traveled road between the missile launchers, or go around, the road less traveled with all the rocks to get to the gate.

It is not supposed to be easy to aim, that is part of the difficulty. I thought it was a bit too easy as released.

I'm glad you liked it. Thank you.

It sure is difficult to get fonts working, as there is no easy way to get a font. Were fonts just added, because it took me hours to figure it out.

What about the Pi 3B?

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It works perfectly now! Thank you! Very fun! Runs great on my old laptop! If it works on that, it should work on just about anything able to run Windows 10.

Oh just one thing. The switches in the options, down is on? That is kind of backwards, kind of hard to tell what is on and off until messed with. I thought they were like light switches.

(2 edits)!AucS1QQU4cISgccCQDCAR479NNxxxg here is a screenshot. Thanks, in windowed mode, it is still square, with the sides cut off. Here is a screenshot of that.!AucS1QQU4cISgccEIwpkMX3mL332lg

That link is in Russian... Try again. LOL

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On my laptop, that has an HD wide screen (1366X768) display, I can't see the sides of the screen (about a tenth on each side I'm guessing.), it poster boxes them so it is all black. Like it is trying to do not wide screen. If you could fix that, or at least make it so the resolution could be changed, and add windowed mode, that would be great.

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Are you going to port this to PC too?

The Google Play link does not work.