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Hey Gabriel! What did you make this in?

Oh my god, it's amazing!!! <3 You've inspired me to polish Evan's game more! :)

I'll send the link to Daniel at the hospital to make sure they are able to play it from their devices there.

Awesome, good to know and thanks for the instructions! :)

Awesome!! :D

Sweet! Thanks! :)

This one is gorgeous! The art style is super cool, the game mechanics are fun and it was just really relaxing to play! B)

This is awesome, Daniel!! I got stuck >_< Good puzzles! It's super polished! :D

This is looking good! How do you shoot? Can't wait to play more. :)

This is so awesome!! Will you be adding the other levels? It's so fun. I like it more than Mario. ;)

Wow!! This is amazing! The artwork is so stylized and fun! Really cool concept from the request! Will you be adding to it?

Sooo cute! The art is awesome. :D

Can't wait to try it! :)

So cute and fun!! <3

It looks so pretty! I'm not able to play it on a Mac, it says "Unable to find game" :(

Good morning and congratulations the hard work you put into your games! I hope you all had a blast and learned a lot!

If you're still working on a game you plan to submit, please send us an email so we can keep track of how many ideas have games coming in.

If you worked on a Evan's idea, Benjamin's idea or a ScreenPlay game, please email so we can work out how to get these to the kids.

We'll be sharing ideas with Evan and Benjamain from Bloorview on the 7th and with children from OPACC after the 10th.

We'll be posting more news our Twitter and Facebook pages, so please connect with us there if you want to be in the loop on the kids receiving the games or if you're interested in the future of Games on Demand and upcoming events.

Also, please be in touch if you'd like to work on Penelope's game this week so we can get numbers for that as well! :)

Thank you so much for your particiaption and thank you so much to those who helped make this such an awesome event!


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Leanne Ferguson
Terry Kerr
Alexander Hodge
Daniel Scott
Elaine Biddiss
Larissa Haluszka-Smith

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Games on Demand community · Created a new topic New Request

We have a late submission. Please keep in mind these families have lots going on (and may have only heard of the event recently). If you're able to reskin your game, starting late or working longer, please take a look at this request from Penelope: 

Please let us know if you're able to take this on so we can manage games to request ratios! :)


Please submit the game idea you're working on so we can balance the number of games per idea. One per team please! :)

We just added 2 more requests. See them all here:

One of the hospitals we spoke with was Holland Bloorview Kids' Rehabilitation Centre. They have an awesome interactive floor/screen where kids can play while waiting for their appointment with a doctor. They've shared a Unity Template and guide and have invited us to create some new interactive experiences with it! :)
The developer at their lab is happy to help with any questions that may come up with it!

If you're looking to join us in person in Toronto, don't forget to reserve a spot via this form: