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I had so much fun playing this game and voicing the characters, specially Yuu. If you ever decide to voice them please allow me to help (for free obviously), i'm a girl but if you're ok with it I would be happy to voice any and all of the characters (or just Shinoa). Great game and I hope you will give this some thought. Thanks.

This game was amazing, it left me wanting for more. The fact that the character has no name and you cant see his face somehow fit the concept perfectly. The voicing was also very good but sometimes the french pronunciation sounded a bit off. All in all its pretty addictive and I love it.

Loved the game, its so satisfying to see a completely diffent and original universe! And Yiestol is just way too pretty, i never thought i'd see a "monster"that looks so much like a model.

ps: fluffy bees is such wholesome content.

loved the game, especially kiran!

Elsie is adorable! Lovely adition.

This game is awful. I have a really bad time trying to deal with romantic situations in real life because of anxiety, and being told to stop playing the game and start doing something more productive in reality(sammy ending), in what i thought was a safe space, did not make it any better(also, fyi playing simulations helps with anxiety regarding a situation in case you're wondering, google it, there's a research).