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i love this visual novel so adorable :3

even though i believe the first one was the best one lol 2nd one sure surprised me just as good. great weird game lol

i played your game and it was quite the hilarious plot! about to upload the second one soon. peace <3

Darn i wanted the mr. attitude guy lol but O_O i guess i can manage with this choice lol

this game is hilariously funny  great job :D

great game you made lmfao that was intense lmfao <3

i enjoyed playing your game <3 i love the voices to the novel really pops out and stands out well done <3

great game so cuteee xox

i played your game oh gosh XD i kept forgetting that sugar was a boy geez so close to looking like a girl tho but props tho lol  anyways great game lol honestly played it secretly to get sugar  then did gameplay  couldn't help it lol.

rip i guess i'm not weenie enough to date xD rip

oh gosh LOL sorry for mic loud XD but very sweet game :3

oh gosh why lol XD why do i get the weird ending LOL

i played your game  don't mind me if i am a terrible reader but otherwise i loved playing this game :) i hope to see more games like this....peace<3

this has been a really great game to play  had to share this video with some of my friends peace <3

very nice game you have made lol

i love your game even tho  i think their names is so cute lol  i epic failed at saying their names lol but otherwise it was nice playing this cute game :3

nice game lol that frog very jumpy lol

played your game had its raging moments but it was fun XD

nice game of yours oops i accidently said gamejolt instead of itchio but otherwise nice game i like it :) xd

hey there i was playing your game its great nice cool game i showed it to my brother he was playing that game and beat it but however the game kept crashing so much on windows that i played the game on newsground :( i don't know why it keeps crashing on windows i have a decent good computer.

nice game i did a gamep lay :)

good game good game :)

did a gameplay of your game cute game :3

good game good game.

good game i loved playing this game :)

played your game okay :)