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Tough Islands community · Created a new topic No Guide

The link to the guide wants "Opera" for opening it... I don't use Opera so I can't find the recipes too

Can you make a version for 32bits?

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The JustSurvive_English_language.rar archive is damaged, well that's ok because it came new

and I didn't know it was alpha i will come back later when its v1.0!

Did it been v1.0? When I downloaded it first time I always get 1000 resources and items

Game isn't working. There is every data exported but it says something is missing

I can't even setup the game it isn't working ;-;

I think it is because of the game :|

Raft community · Created a new topic SO. MUCH. LAG

This game lags so much, how can I fix it?

Raft community · Created a new topic Lag

It's lags so much, so I hated it :|