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I am typing this literally as i am typing he is tracking mud all over me screen it simple but i find it very cute

this was so differnt i liked the graphic and just how simple yet in a way complex the way it was

this was unexpectidly charming i love this so much music was actaully quite soothing as well

i enjoyed this very throuly,pardon my bad spelling,it was scary to me but after the first jumpscare i got so focused on the story of what the hell happened still highly suggest and really liked the art

this is a very good visual novel not relying on cheap jumpscares but more on just the smallest sounds i enjoyed this very much really well thought out not gonna lie started the first time and opened my eyes....pfft whoops !highly recommend

so did I!!!

and thank you for making it was really cool and well done

woah short but for me that was rather scary did have lil trouble running it the first time but change qualitu and it worked fine