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Thanks, I got through after going to the center.

I’m stuck at the part where you search the Witching Wood for Miruku’s memories, there is a bug where when I get to the quest tile it shows the next dialogue in the story but I can’t progress because it doesn’t let me out of the dungeon and I can’t go to the next part of the quest.

Well then, this means that the problem is on the website I’m playing on. Thanks for your investigation.

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I don’t think you can go the Support Tasa route and succeed, what I did was Support Melita and beat Tasa, then killed Tasa’s 3 agents. 

Edit: Oh wait, Nvm, the first house is outside of the city, go through the gate, and go into the house with yellow flowers right next to the gate, and for the second one go into the weapon shop, and the third house is below the running children, with yellow flowers(Melita Supporters’ symbol)

Edit: Oh but going the Support Melita route gives you an extra slave in the servants quarter with an extra sex scene, so that’s the benefits.

There is a ladder, right at the top section of the edges of the pit, and you have to just find it and set it up before using it, which requires about 5 seconds.

You are supposed to go the the Cathedral quarters where Rubati is, and going by the rowboat you go right from the right side coast of the Bandit Camp, then go on the island with a Church.

Just use the help button in the menu, and it will tell you what to do next.

Wow, that’s impressive, because the fairy dress is quite too weak compared to the other dresses, so maybe that’s why you were struggling. Other dresses give more hp and magic dmg/physical dmg and other effects. 

Well, I forgot to mention that I’m not playing on the downloaded version, I’m playing online. If that explains why I’m having problems, then I’ll just restart on the downloaded version.

Oh... well then I’ll never get it, if you still remember what I said about the panda cage treasure.

What I did was just equip full magic loadout and spam attacks and then when I get low hp I spam heal, I also overspent on hp potions as well.

How do I get the bo weapon?

Go into the menu and click on “equip”, then select “dress”, then equip maid dress.

What happened was I talked to the vagabonds because I happened to go into their camp, and then when Serena came back I talked to them one last time before I could talk to Serena about their case, so Serena ended up helping me clear them before I got to finish the main quest which is to talk to her about how she was doing, so that probably broke something in the system, other than that i have no idea.

Yes, I’m playing this game normally, and as for the “restart the game from save file”, that was when I commented that I didn’t know what to do after beating Serena and then realized I broke the game because I did the vagabonds’ quest first before talking to her, and then deleted my newer saves and restarted using an old save from before I defeated Serena. Yes, the caches were all dug up until I reached the floating island, and I absolutely did not dig up the caches myself. I am using version 1_0b.

Both of these dresses are found in chests, I don’t remember where the exact location was, just search through all the places and dig up all the treasures

You have to use lewd abilities to defeat certain monsters to get the scenes.

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I didn’t use a save editor, but I did restart the game from a save file.

Oh and by the way this bug didn't apply to after the floating island's treasure. And what is mithril ore used for?

Also is there anything to do with the hole in the town in the backyard of the weapon seller there? 

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Oh I already gave her some items too and unlocked lust drafts.

Maybe I didn’t finish the baron’s mansion? I can go downstairs for the threesome and serviced all the customers upstairs and Baron. Am I missing anything else?

I have finished the main storyline but my progress only shows 96% content clear, i did the baron’s mansion, vagabond camp, church, what else do I have?

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What is “londo’s hymn”? I am at the floating island and cannot figure out this puzzle.

Edit: nvm got it.

Edit: But another thing I just wanna say, there is a bug where starting from the panda’s cave the treasures are already dug up when I just found the location. It really annoys me because I want the items.

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For the ice map you need the fire crystal in the desert, for the volcano you need the water crystal from the tower in the ice map. You take the crystals to Ayane at the fox shrine so you can use them. By the way before going to the tower you need to get the air essence from Raiju at the Snowy mountains.

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How do I check on how Serena is doing? I talked with her but nothing happened. Edit:Nvm I got glitched because I talked to her about the Vagabonds first so I couldn’t talk to her about herself.

What do I do after I beat Serena? 

I don’t think the monster changes anything, I think only the territory changes the item received

You put a tentacle monster to train in certain territories for certain special items, and it takes time.

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Look down a few comments, there it is. But in case you are too lazy, use train on territories to obtain special items.

Look at the menu thing on the bottom of the screen and click that circular eye thing, which leads you to a map you click the areas available and then you need the skill “conquer” to expand territory

I think your version is either bugged or outdated, because after you get pregnant in the beginning you get back to the kingdom and then back to the first area, then you go to the house and then you come out and you get the instinct tree, which is where you get the skills from. Also, you don’t seem to have the eye-ish thing on the top center of the “actions area”, basically where explore is, and that’s how you conquer other areas. Watch other people’s videos to see the difference.

I’m not sure about that, think it’s yes, but I don’t know how. I myself can’t load but I’m not very good with technology

You are basically done with the game so far.

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What do you mean by two fields in one way? Do you mean conquest?

If you are on the .exe version, then save doesn’t work well. If you are on the .swf version, then save works well as long as there isn’t a new version. If you have a problem, be reminded that save is still a “Work In Progress” system

follow the instinct tree, the hints are the information that pops up when you click the purple diamonds, when they are green that means you can unlock them. And as for why you can’t advance, that’s because you have nothing other than explore, hunting, etc, while others have nursing, bonding, invade, scouting, etc.

you explore in an area by clicking the button “explore” on the center bottom of the screen and then click a location, and to get to other places you click that eye in the top of the thing at the bottom of the screen where “explore” is

secret gardens is the area on the mountains to the very left of your screen in the starting place, you can find it right away, so I think you mean something else?

You have to get the instinct tree to the point where you unlock the skill “invade” and then use invade to attack new areas and if you are successful, you claim that part of the world. And as for the secret gardens I don’t understand what you mean.

How do you unlock the two skills?

but another question, is there only one path for the instinct tree? Or more? If more then how do I get more?

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What do I do when my monster is injured?

Edit: I figured it out, you need the nursing skill