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Please read the description.

This game scared me. Good job I think.

I absolutely love the Warioware type game you made with this!! So well thought out, so well polished. The graphics and sound design were of the highest quality I have seen so far. This game made me smile and I had a good time. I applaud you for a game well jammed.

I was not particularly feeling the spirit of Father Christmas on this experience. I think that Father Christmas would be disappointed in your efforts to theme this experience around his massive and surely well-deserved ego. I find it interesting how the player character experiences an internal crisis with himself where he develops a resistance to the very player controlling him. He seems to be in a split within himself where he is not sure if what his objective, OUR objective, as in him and I as the player, is also what is ethically and logically, correct. You see, although not true to the theming of this contest, the delicious and delectable burger that we are tasked with protecting is also what is trying to destroy our very hopes and dreams. I see that from the player character's unique point of view in this small and perilous world, it confuses him, that what he has allegedly been tasked with protecting, is also, what he is tasked with destroying. Thank you everyone for reading. I will see you in this game when it becomes a fully fleshed multiplayer experience.

While I do believe you nailed the theme of this friendly competition amongst creators I must say that your execution of the hiding mechanic was poorly implemented. You can literally go through the entirety of the game without ever hiding under Santa's spacious hat. However, I do believe that this game displays many brilliant ideas and mechanics that of which I would be interested in seeing further explored. I did notice many similarities in your core gameplay with that of the hit flash game know as "The Worlds Hardest Game."

This was very disturbing but also very polished. I applaud your unique sense of worldbuilding in this twisted winter wonderland that surely bested my Game Boy experience in both quality and strangeness. (Also good job on the graphics.)

I know, it’s a mess. If you got to the end you’ll know why it’s like this right now. ^^’ Patches and updates soon!

I super hope you guys haven't stopped development on this game, as I'd love to see it grow. I've been checking in on it periodically but still nothing. There have to be some other people who agree with me right?

Hey just thought I'd let you know that a site is hosting a version of your game I'm assuming without your permission since it is not updated. The first link comes up on Google before your official page so I just thought I'd let you know.


Ah, thank you!

Can you actually beat the bonus level?

Well if you read the files you would be able to see that it isn’t supported on Mac yet.

For the love of god read the files before buying it. So many people are calling this game a scam because they are on Macs, but the game clearly states it’s only for Windows. Read. The. Page.

I think the code is like redeeming a digital movie. It’s one use because you’ve only bought the game once.

Probably not but it’s a good idea to wait for a sure answer.

The download specifies that it’s for Windows only. It would be very generous of them to give you a refund, but know that if they don’t  give you one it is because they are not the ones at fault.

I have a steam account, but I got a new computer recently and was just wondering whether or not I should redownload it. Thanks for the info though.

Do you have to get this through steam or can you play this game without downloading steam?

Really cool twist on pong! My high score is 15!

I don't think you'll be able to edit roms in GB Studio, because the roms weren't compiled in GB Studio. If you are looking to make rom hacks, I do suggest you look elsewhere. I think GB Studio is primarily designed for creating your own stuff, not editing stuff that already exists.

Dude same though.

This is really good! I got as far as I could but got stuck when the text overlapped itself. The fullscreen also doesn't work which is a shame because it's hard to read the handwriting otherwise. Overall really cool game though!

This is an unusual question I know, but does anyone know of some Game Genie codes that mess with GB Studio Games? I'm looking to disable collisions, but also other weird codes that mess with stuff would also be much appreciated!

I didn't play this game to the end, but I got pretty far. The only thing I didn't like was how hard it was to extinguish fires. Still pretty fun, although the gameplay is a bit repetitive. :|

@Cubzer I reported this bug to the guy on Discord. It will be fixed now I assume. :D

You can make the music quieter by turning down your volume. :D

Definitely one of the weirder entries. This could use a lot of work, like for example make the controls better and fix the camera.

Super cool! Definitely one of the better entries here! :D

This game is fantastic! The early beta I got to play wasn't as good as this, but I  LOVE the finished product you have here!

I don't see how this fits the limitation of "donut", but other than that this was pretty good!

Great game, but I couldn't get past the second level! XD

Thank you! I'm super pumped you liked it! :D

So a lot of people have been having some difficulties with the Adventure Boy segment in this game. I want people to be able to experience Chatterbox in it's entirety, so I recorded a tutorial on how to get past this.

The only game mode available is the Top Down 2D format. I heard there was a platformer mode that I would be very interested in checking out, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Is this only a problem for Mac versions?