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Arcadium playware

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Yes. Developers create any token (text) and display it inside their game at some point in gameplay. Then, at entry submit page, they enter this value in a field. In the rating page, judges are required to enter this same value to be able to vote. Of course it should be a choice to developres - to use it or not.

Then again I'm not sure if it is possible to implement it for this next jam, but IMO would improve a lot a sad situtation in LD.

Is there any way to implement some improvements in voting system? I'm not aware on how much control itch.io offers to rating system, but there are many great ideas in LD community to improve it - for example ensuring that the person rating the game actually played the game (maybe using a token that is displayed inside game and requested in voting page), or about scores normalizing (each judge rate games based on their own personal criteria that may be harsher/kinder than others - and this is a problem when each game get ratings from of a very limited set of judges).

The point is that this jam could be a great place to experiment with these measures, showing an use case for future LDs.