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I've barely come to the title screen and I am already in love with the music and art style! From this page, I love how you implemented character customization! I'm hearing from other commenters that you are still working on the game, so keep up the good work for the chapters beyond! EDIT: also, weirdly enough, I heard part of Aphmau's old ending song in one of the soundtracks!

I am absolutely in love with this game! I played Karma's route and got the good and bad ending, currently working on Rod so that I can get Waltz (*squeal*), but I was also wondering if there are piano notes to the opening, because I am a 'piano player' but I only do it for things like this, so if you know where to find them, I'd love to know!

I'm not that far into the game, but I'm really enjoying it so far! I just got out of Viern, and I loved all the breaking the fourth wall and I also wish there was a route for Ais!!! WHY?!

uh... there's no instrusction on how to play the game...?