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Alright. Well thank you for the info, they will certainly be very useful :)

Not a lot, a few projects started on RPG Maker for the most part, and some basic Java stuff. If your point is that such a project is way too ambitious for someone with so little experience, I do know that one should start with elementary game concepts ; yet, I'm fairly confident for multiple reasons, even if it will take some time to achieve the result I'm hoping for. I may as well crush and realize I would need years and years to finish the project, but I genuinely don't think so.
If this wasn't your point... please elaborate :D

I understand. First, thanks for confirming that both are relevant, although the mixing of styles will spice things up.
Do you think the tutorials that can be found on the respective websites would be enough ?

Good evening folks,

I'm gonna start coding a game I've been working on for a while. I have a solid idea of the scenario, universe, etc, and more importantly, my technical requirements. And actually it's the first game idea I'm trying to turn into something concrete.

Basically, the game is supposed to be a RPG in the fashion of what you can make with RPG Maker (i.e. tile-based), but the combat-system would be close to a danmaku/manic-shooter, something like Touhou. Obviously I have lower expectations, as I don't have any sort of drawing abilities, and my programming skills are not out of this world (yet ?). I've been coding for 2 years or so, therefore I'm still a beginner, although I learn fast and have decent knowledge in various languages. And, I have ideas, along with music-composing abilities.

Considering these points, I'd like to know what you, experienced game makers, think would be the best way to achieve my goal. I was planning to use GameMaker : Studio, since my overall requirements are pretty close to what Undertale offers (yeah, Undertale, once again :p), but the battle system bothers me. I know you can program a lot of stuff that is not originally included in GM Studio, but do you think my plan would be realistic ?
If not, what software/game engine would you advice me to use, if possible with what programming languages ?

Thank you so much for helping, I hope I was clear enough, and if I wasn't tell me so that I can give you more details :)

PS : I believe my English is pretty good, but in case of mistakes please forgive me, as it's not my native language