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I had this problem I couple of times, I found that if I used one or two specific built-in functions that it would make the file-size much larger, I think it's because the compiler needs to import more libraries from BRUN45. Although it could be something totally different as this was my first time using QBasic, or anything developed before 1998 for that matter!

Lovely looking graphics on this, and really nice feeling flight control which is very impressive for the size! I enjoyed it as a 'demo' as you stated, but it could have had a little bit more time for polish as the game will crash if you go to far up or to the left. Other than that I think you did a good job on this, well done.

Thank you for your feedback, I had a blast making it! I was thinking about adding collision but decided on using my time to try and shrink the file size as well as add in random generation. Unfortunately my deadline came early as I started my semester of university. I may add in collision in the future, and I was also thinking about adding a scrolling/never ending auto generated map (although this would likely go above the 32k limit). Either way this was a wonderful experience, 

Okay yeah I'll leave it bundled then, it's a shame I discovered the jam so late as I would have maybe been able to try and make it smaller/more complex. It's been fun learning Qbasic though I didn't even know of its existence before seeing it mentioned!

For people using QBASIC to write there game are you counting the size of the EXE for the standalone file (with BRUN45 bundled in the exe) or are you having people require BRUN45.EXE separately?

I could add so much more if it's the latter haha!

I would be interested in joining, I haven't done much game programming recently but I have used Unity and C# as well as made a game in Java. I can pretty much only program