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idk none of the games from dani open for me on my mac book either...

EXTREMLY SORRY for the late reply! Definitely, credit will not be required, but is greatly appreciated. Please send me a link to your game once it is done, I really love to see what people do with my assets. Once again sorry for the late reply.


I never run into such things...

thx! :)

Hi! Really liked this tileset and am using it it in my game! Just a suggeston, what if you made a platformer tree asset. Thanks a lot!

oh, ok that is probably the case, as I am using a 1080p monitor.

Great game, atmosphere, and I really love the sprites. The only thing I think would be good to change is to make the sprite for the mouse small, as it is pretty big in my opinion.

thx, im making a platformer storyish sorta game and these really help

OK! thx! :)

Is it ok to edit this? I am not resselling this, and I am just turning the saturation up slightly

This looks really good! This is exactly what I was looking for

I was wondering, are you still on itch?

You are welcome! I like the way this game is going in! :)

could you also add a zip file?

This reminds me of stardew valley! This is awesome!  

Can you make a mac build?

This is awesome! Looking good!

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Water Earth  Fire Air


Ok, I was able to take a screenshot, but the problem is that I came at the wall from right in front of it. This defeats my idea that you can clip through from 3 tiles away. Also, I came through the wall on top of the chest.

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Ok, so I repeated the glitch but sadly, before I could take a screenshot, it became nightime and I was sent back to my house. I think If you stand 3 blocks back from the wall, there is a chance that you can clip through the wall.  

So I am not completly sure how it happened, but I came at the top wall at an angle and was able to clip though it. I will see if I can send a screenshot

I saw this post on reddit. These lazy idiots.

i can do some music. not that good tho cuz its my  first jam

mac version pls

it is 16x16. you may have it offsetted

One thing I found was that there is a collision bug in the top wall

I think the attackbox should be slightly bigger/ closer to the player. Good game though!


Also, I know this would be a lot of work to do, but what about shields?

I appreciate you making these all separate sprites!

I recommend combining this with other assets