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Thank you, you are very kind. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€— If you share the link here, I would like to check the final version of your game.

Yes, you can use. 😊

Hey, sounds good. You made me happy. Thank you :) Good luck for your game project πŸ‘

Thank you for your kind comment. I forgot to add the "Lite" title. I will edit it now. :)

Hi, I will try your game. You made me very happy. :)

You can combine letters to type pizza below or above to pizza icon. But I created one piece PNG file with pizza word and icon. I can combine letters and icons as you wish but you can do it too since all parts are modular. If you want to purchase you can use this link too 

I've added a few previews. Thank you πŸ˜‡

It is not suitable for 1x size. If you need 1x size I can redraw it for you.😊

Of course you can, good luck.

You can use it commercially after you purchase it any of the buy buttons (buymecoffe button or artstation button)

Of course, you can use it commercially, thank you for interest. 😊

Wow, good luckπŸ‘

Actually I did not. You can access those files with clicking BUY NOW button which redirects you to my ArtStation page. Thank you!

πŸ‘ you're welcome

Good luck :)

wow, thanks :)

You made me happy! Your game is awesome. Good luck :)

I can edit layers for you. Reach me from

Yes, it is completely free.

Files has different prices. If you type 4 dollar in the marked area, you can see all the files.


Blood splat effect is ready. Gun impact effect is here. Thanks for your advice. 

Glad you liked it. Thank you very much for your kind gesture. Inform me when you finished your game I would like to try it. 😊

You made me happy. Thank you for your comment. :)

Thank you. Asset pack includes only one direction of each one but i think you can mirror them and use for opposite direction.

Thank you. Your comment made me happy :) Sketchfab link: 3D Car

love it :)

Thank you :). It's already transperent.

Yes sure. Share your  email with me.