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Kurumi Tokisaki

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Is it possible to give away a key you got from a purchase here but DO NOT want attached to your steam??

Thanks. nice to know.

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Is there a real evil ending? Or am I stuck with "the power of three will set us free" everytime I try? (I am making a reference to avoid details, but thats pretty much what happened.)

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Brutally corny and very campy, loaded with Engrish and cameos by... tire mascots. Yeah. Its worth 2 dollars for the lulz.

thanks, but I used the Wiki that dev mentions in the description and it got me past that...

is the Deterrent potion the right one or is it elixir of clarity or Oblivion? I am freaking stumped, yo. Lol

So... I was probably right... just needed to be in my backpack... which honestly is the thing I like least about the game. I think inventory should be as one... rather than that system but i can also see the downside, but no tutorial was ever suggested stating that I needed to move things to my backpack before I figure that out on my own...

Has anyone beaten her "challenge"? I was under the presumption a particular potion would work, but i cant use it.

What is the actual method??

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Well there IS ONE option you can do, if you are willing... Dev throws you cheat codes in game if you are a $5 dollar patron... I did that and they are pretty damn helpful.

Disclaimer: NO, I am not suggesting anyone else do this..... but it IS out there if you want something in game...

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I did try Cheat Engine but it doesnt look like a solid idea to do that program with this...

Edit: A google search says the engine has an add-on where it is possible.....

Are there any for this?