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Valeu :D

Valeu egidio! :D

thanks for your feedback and for playing it :D

thanks :D. i was always afraid of drawing and wanted to just buy assets and stick with programming only, but now i'm feeling like i want to be better at drawing cartoons, so i can work 100% on my own game.

ow nevermind, just saw the tutorial on the description my bad. I'm new to :)

this game is really awesome for a first jam! good job fellas! The idea is very interesting but the game lacked audio. Next time do some music using programs like LMMS or Bosca ceoil, it will make a world of difference.

interesting game, the audio was really cool and i liked the effect on the oxygen. My criticism is that i was very confused to where i needed to go and what i needed to do. Next time i recommend doing a tutorial or something to help the player get his bearings, have someone outside of the dev team play it (without explaining how the game works) and grab feedback as to how you can make the game more intuitive. good work m8s !

Thanks! it was really fun to work on this

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Really cool! not very innovative on the game design part (nothing wrong with that in itself) but still very fun to play.

cool stuff, i don't have any criticism that hasn't being mentioned in other comments. Really good work for just 2 hours