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Thank you very much for playing T.N.T.S. : The Stairs! Yes, it is actually possible to see an ending , figuring out the puzzle that lets you break the death loop! Stay tuned for more, we have a lot planned out and we are working really hard to deliver it to our players! Cheers!

Thank you for playing T.N.T.S. : The Stairs! The meaning of the game is whatever the player wants it to be or sees in it, just like everything in life. Cheers!

Well thank you very very much for playing and enjoying T.N.T.S. : The Stairs! Congratulations for finding your way out, all the while providing funny and entertaining commentary. We are very glad that you perfectly captured the spirit of this production, and we will definetly make use of suggestions and critiques. Stay tuned for more, and until then, cheers!

Thank you and see you soon then! Cheers!

Hi there and thank you for playiying T.N.T.S. : The Stairs. We are sorry that you didn't enjoy your experience as much as other gamers did, but we are always happy to get some constructive critcism. As stated in the description, this was not meant to be a complete full game per se, but a small free horror experience. Being based on SCP-087, we decided to go the "jumpscare-athon"" route because we thought it could fit. We understand that not all players like this type of things and as you state, you are not one of them, so it's just fair that you did not like it, but we may suggest, for the next time, to maybe give the game a little bit more of a chance from the beginning, trying to get in the mood: maybe turn the volume up, look at all the details, thread carefully instead of running, and any other thing that might get you, and the audience as well, more engaged , even if you're not feeling the atmosphere as much as others did. As for the progression itself, there actually is an ending and the deaths are not unavoidable, none of them: some other streamers found their way down ;)
Anyway, we really hope that you will come back when we release some actual complete full games, less jumpscary and more atmospheric, try them out and give us your opinion as well. Until then, cheers!

Thank you very much for playing T.N.T.S. : The Stairs and for your feedback. We know that 2D jumpscares might look out of place at times, but during testing we found that those were the ones that got the biggest reactions because they completely and instantly fill the whole field of view of the player, so we decided to use some. Furthermore, since they are randomized for every loop, players were more scared to turn corners. We will keep this in mind for our future works though, even though we would have liked to add the Scebbleflap ;) Cheers!

Great job for making it all the way down! The elevator is not supposed to work, sorry if that is not clear for the player. The key is for something else, and when you find it, it will open it automatically :)

Thank you very much for playing T.N.T.S. : The Stairs and for your feedback, it's always important to know what gamers like best. Cheers!

Thank you very much for your feedback and thank you for playing T.N.T.S. : The Stairs!  You were close to figuring out something right there! Cheers!

Thank you for playing T.N.T.S. : The Stairs and sharing your video! Cheers!

Thank you for playing T.N.T.S. : The Stairs! Yes, there is an ending and you were definitely onto something right there. So close, yet so far ;)

Thank you very much for playing,  and for your feedback, stay tuned for more! Cheers!

Haha, great reaction, it was fun, thank you very much for playing, stay tuned for more! Cheers!

Happy Birthday and thank you very much for your feedback. Objects and jumpscares are actually semi-randomized for every loop  (we're sorry  you didn't encounter some of the scariest ones in this playthrough :) ), and there's actually a way to break the loop and and see the ending. We're very glad you enjoyed T.N.T.S.: the stairs, stay tuned for some bigger, better and complete works! Cheers!

Yes, of course, it's actually a perfect showcase of what TNTS: The Stairs is about! Cheers!

Thank you very much for playing and enjoying T.N.T.S. : The Stairs! As stated in the description, this is a horror experience more than a complete full game, but there is a key  to understanding what is happening and  to completing it, and from your video, we can say that you were pretty close to understanding something very important! :)  Cheers!